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if i have the receipts from where i recently paid for my cna course, my cpr class & my state exam will wherever i get hired at reimburse me for each one? at least half? juss wondering!


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My class was $367 or $397...and my test was $115. I just got reimbursed last week, got a check for $226.20. I was under the impression that we would get the full cost back but I guess I was wrong. Maybe it's different in other states, I'm in WI.


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I'm in Georgia, I guess something is better than nothing! lol


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Not anywhere I've worked. I wish!

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My first job said they only reimbursed people who were full-time employees. And even then, they would only reimburse them for a quarter of the cost after 6 months of full-time employment. After another 6 months, the employee would receive another quarter of the cost, totaling 50%.