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Funny!:eek: :chuckle :uhoh3:


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Ooooooh, let 'em try!! Mind you, I can think of alot of Managers I'd like to slap...


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I like the idea of hitting them with those stupid AOL discs! They are forever in my mailbox, and I need something to do with em!

They do make great coasters though.............!!

jnette, ASN, EMT-I

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:roll :rotfl: :roll

LOVED this !!!! Too good !!! Just what I needed today !

Thanx SOOOOO much for sharing, and a good laugh ! :D


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Reminds me of that Superbowl commercial with Terry somebody the football player doing the body slams of employees not performing up to par...it was hilarious.


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I just lost my job as an administrator because the employees complained about me. That's the excuse the big boss used. Actually, the census was low and I'm the fourth admin. in four years.

In any case, I wish I'd known about this. Would have been the perfect way for dealing with those ungrateful, back-biting employees. They complained that I didn't let them wear blue jeans, smoke and carry they cell phones talking on them while they worked.


Thanks so much for posting that. It just made my day!

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