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Emergency Room Tips

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I'm about to enter into my final preceptorship in a few weeks. I found out today that I'm being placed in the emergency department! I've never worked or shadowed in emerg before so I was wondering if anyone has any tips on preparing for my first few weeks.

Thanks for your help!


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If they let you start all the IVs you can get your hands on.

Tell the nurses you'd like to do all the foleys,NGs, and wound care if possible.

Learn where to place the leads for an EKG and brush up on basic EKG skills.

If a code happens stand back but observe closely. If you happen to get in the way and they yell at you to move, don't take it personally.

Take a peek at the order sheet and see how it is organized as compared to the floor's order sheet.

Listen in on a nurse giving report to the floor and make a mental note of how it is different. ER report is much different than a floor report.

And that is all I can think of for now!

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Be careful not to get blood all over yourself or any other bodily fluids. Don't get in the way.

don't expect answers right away if things are busy; write down your questions. Be open for anything. Be able to say no if you are uncomfortable; you're new after all.

Listen to report; find someone who is willing to teach.

I'll think of more....


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I did my final practicum in the ER and I say try to get your hands on anything and everything! And if there is a code, tell them you want to do CPR. I did, this was my first time on an actual person, and it was invaluable experience.

Thanks for the tips!