What would your dream ER have?

  1. We are in the process of designing an ER and would like any suggestions you might have.

    Is there anything your ER has that you just love? Such as a blanket/IVF warmer in your medroom? or a nice big sink at your triage station supplied with gauze dressings or a freezer with ice packs??

    Please take a second to Brain Storm and tell us what you would have in your dream ER.
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  3. by   CEN35
    A centralized Nursing station, with enough desk space, phones and computers. A IVF/blanket warmer, Spacelabs to a central monitor in EVERY room. 5 closed rooms with negetive pressure, for pelvics, and infectious patients, a pyxis that doesn't crap out, and a refridgerated pyxis so we didn't have to run down to pharmacy as much. Staff 2:1, with two transporters (contracted with the ED), a fluid warmer, rapid tranfuser, By pap accesible, and an extra vent accessible, gawdddddd where do I stop? This could take forever, but you get the idea.

  4. by   mustangsheba
    George Clooney!!!
  5. by   Kathy L. RN
    We just built a new ED and it is pretty good. We have our own CT scanner which is so convenient. Also 2 large trauma rooms with overhead Xray machines. 6 rooms with sliding glass doors and TVs which are great when you have to hold patients for any reason. A large nurses station and computers in every room. Just some ideas!!
  6. by   sherryleetns
    PLEASE kATHY SIGN ME UP. We are just about to renovate our ER too. Yours sounds great. The list could go on forever.
  7. by   ERguru
    Don't forget plenty of offices and a classroom for all those education & committee events. The classroom should have a motorized screen and LCD projector so your educator can do all those powerpoint presentations for staff.
  8. by   Irish Lass
    ER GURU from Metairie - dream on..... :-)