Triage courses on-line?

  1. I am transferring from our hospital's MICU/SICU to it's ED at the end of the month, mostly for the challenge to learn something new (I've done "critical care" for 10 years now). Does anyone know of any online triage courses, or good references. Our triage levels include 3 levels. I have worked (floated) in this ED several times, so I feel comfortable with the cut and dried visits ("my kid's had this earache for 3 days" to "there is an elephant on my chest!!!), but it's those grey areas that I don't feel comfortable with. The manager assures me I won't be expected to triage until I've been through the hospital's triage course, but we all know what happens when it's busy . . .
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  3. by   CEN35
    dawn, i don't know of any online.....of course i never looked either?
    just use your clinical skills and judgement. they are really important anymore. our waiting room is usually packed, and you essentially have to decide who is gonna die/or have a lifelong disablity vs who will not suffer any demise d/t a wait.
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    Thanks for your input. If I find anything out there, I'll be sure to pass it on. We sometimes have a 8-hour wait for "non-urgent" cases, with a percentage of them that "leave without being seen", (which, in my inexperience, may mean they didn't belong in the ER anyway!). I guess I'm just going to have to learn the old fashioned way: trial and error (and bug my more experienced colleagues!) I'm looking forward to reading the multitude of posts on this site! Keep up the good work!
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    The University of maryland has a free online Traige Website it is at This is the only one I know of I'm sure your ED will give some traingin before youy have to triage. But you are right you never know what will happen so it never hurts to preapre on your own I did and that is how I found this site, Good Luck

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    Thanks Mikemw. I plan to check out this site on my next days off (I'm getting ready to work tonight and tomorrow night.) I did open up the first page and it looks good.
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    thanks for the input mike!!!
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    Any other triage courses online that have sprung up since this thread was originally posted?
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    It would be interesting to know, especially with 3-tier triage instead of the 5-tier I was taught.

    5-tier can be hard, because some of it is subjective, and some docs order everything for say, a migraine, while some don't. A lot of nurses disagree, especially with the lower level ones. We were taught to think about how many resources may be used, but almost everyone in our ED gets labs and a SL, which are two right there! Some would still make that a lt. blue instead of a green though.
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    Quote from mikemw

    the university of maryland has a free online traige website it is at this is the only one i know of i'm sure your ed will give some traingin before youy have to triage. but you are right you never know what will happen so it never hurts to preapre on your own i did and that is how i found this site, good luck


    mike-- can't access this link--is no longer running?

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    Ena is going to offer a online triage class do not know when