TNCC Course - Any Advice?

  1. I am attempting to cross train so I can be loaned to our trauma unit at the facility I do PRN work with. I plan to take the TNCC Course in July. I am fortunate to get the book loaned to me by the education department.

    I am concerned about taking a course in which I have no direct experience. Could anyone offer some advice as to how to prep for the course, other then just reading thorugh the book?

    I found this article of interest on the Internet and thought I would share it here:

    TNCC Provider Cource

    The TNCC Provider course takes place over two or three days and consists of both formal lectures and practical skill stations. A comprehensive research based manual is sent to the candidate prior to the course.

    Practical sessions encourage hands on participation where candidates will learn to assess the trauma patient, identify life threatening injuries and provide the correct interventions.

    To successfully complete the course, candidates are required to correctly demonstrate three practical skill stations and achieve an 80% pass rating in a multiple choice examination.
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  3. by   Dixielee
    TNCC, like ACLS, PALS and others are much less stressful than they use to be. They are designed to teach and want you to learn, so first off....relax. If you have a solid clinical background you will have no problem I don't think they really teach any new information in caring for your patient, but they put it into a more usable, structured format. Like the ABC's of CPR, they go thru numonics to help you in your assessment of the trauma patient. It is basically just a complete rapid head to toe assessment of systems and problems so you can address them by priority. Just be as familiar as you can with basic systems, i.e. heart, airway, shock, etc. and you will do well. It is more hands on than other classes, but I found it to be both useful and non stressful. Good Luck
  4. by   nightingale
    Thanks for the info Dixielee! I do appreciate the feedback.

  5. by   VickyRN
    Enjoy it. When I took it, I really learned a lot. It was a great course!
  6. by   needsmore$
    I took it in 1988 or 89 when it was first being taught--I thought it was great. The sister course of ENPC is also EXCELLENT-makes you feel so much more comfortable and confident when treating sick kids- the TNCC has teaching modules as well as didactic form--they really want you to learn--it's not as stressful as people think-relax, read the curriculum, enjoy the course and you'll get ALOT from it. Good luck
  7. by   nightingale
    Great words of advice and encouragement! Thank you Dixie, Vickey, and Needsmore$ (I like that name!).

  8. by   CEN35
    If you have worked in the ER for any length of time, it shouldn't be any problem whatsoever. It's just thinking about the mechanism of injury, and what can be affected by it. Then go from there!
  9. by   nightingale
    Heh Cen35:

    Long time no see ! Thank for the encouragement! The ER will NOT allow loaning until I have had the course (which seems like the cart before the horse).

  10. by   cubRN
    Whatz up there Nightengale98

    I actually just finished taking the course here in Toronto and it was amazing. Im a complete trauma junkie.....and work in Trauma and Neurosurgery ICU. The environment is definetly not stressful, the instructors want you to pass and look after the sick trauma's. There is alot of material to cover in like two days. So read the book and learn the modules and the testing wont kill ya. I must say props go out to the instructor's cause they are just inspiring. Hope you enjoy

  11. by   CEN35
    definately not right? Experience makes the course a breeze!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. by   Sarah, RNBScN
    It's fun. Instructors make the TNCC interesting and heart pumping (in a good way).

    I took it 2 yrs. ago and had a blast. I read the book from cover to cover and I am glad that I did. Review the case scenarios in the back of the book. THese are used in your training...not identicle but very similar. All the best and have fun.

  13. by   nightingale
    I took all the advice and relaxed, read the material (what a great book), and enjoyed the class. The instructors were awesome! I felt like everyone should have this course even without treating directly in ER. I have treated m/s trauma pt. and this course will help with my understanding.

    Thank you for all the encouragment and kudos to my instructors!

    I am trying to take the ENPC next week (if I can get someone to switch with me on a work day)!
  14. by   needsmore$
    great job-enpc is just as good--enjoy!