Tips to survive ER

  1. Hi everyone,

    I've been a nurse for 1 year and recently started working in the ER. So far, I absolutely love it. Everyone is supportive and I am learning so much. I love seeing the different cases that come in, and definately love the adrenaline rush. However, its also overwhelming, I feel like a new grad all over again. Do any of you experienced ER nurses have tips to survive the ER? Also, any tips on how to stay organized while working in a fast pace environment? I used to keep a checklist of things for each patient when I was a floor nurse. I've found that its hard to do so in the ER since everything moves so fast and you are on your feet all day. I'm determined to succeed in the ER and any advice would be appreciated! Thanks in advance 🤗
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  3. by   Kuriin
    If your EHR is Epic, don't acknowledge orders until you've done them. I have found that I will forget orders if I acknowledge everything at once.

    Oh, and bedside charting. Once you leave the room, you never know what you might get caught up in! Lol.
  4. by   amzyRN
    Make sure you are a master at prioritization, ask more experienced nurses if you are unsure about what you should do first, why and how things are done. Though the ER is chaotic, there is an order of operations and flow. If you don't know, always ask, never assume. Cluster care, anticipate what you need with various chief complaints and presentations. Once you are comfortable with your skills and managing lower acuity patients, take initiative to learn the critical care parts of the ER. Also, try to always show empathy to your patients, even if they frustrate you.