Tips for CEN 2018

  1. Hi so I wanted to know if anyone has any tips on the CEN. I read that the ENA book helps a lot is it true and what other things would also help. Is it necessary to have ER experience to be able to pass the test?
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  3. by   amzyRN
    One of my old classmates passed it without ER experience. He was so enthusiastic about working in the ER he studied for it and passed. He did have nursing experience just outside of ER. He now works in a level one trauma center. I'm sure it can be done, but without experience how much benefit can having that cert have? The person I knew who took the CEN had to pay out of pocket for it, had he been hired already, the hospital would have paid for it.
  4. by   CraigB-RN
    The CEN exam is a knowledge based exam. Experience may or may not help, it depends on you.

    The choices of study material is going to be based on what your current knowledge level is.

    1. If you fairly knew, then you need reference material. i.e. text books Sheehey's emergency nursing
    2. If you've got knowledge and experience then your reviewing, not studying. Review material tends to be a bit more personal. Taking the practice exam and then going from there is a good start. If you just can't seem to get a score your happy with, then the review courses maybe helpfull.
  5. by   Pheebz777
    Print out the CEN blueprint and study all the material there. You can get by just by watching and understanding YouTube content on each topic. Also watch Mark Boswell videos over and over and take notes. Sheehy's Emergency Nursing book is also a helpful resource.