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I work in a medium sized er. Busy place. Usually am charge rn & triage rn (if not triage, I take on full assignment-4 pts., sometimes more if we are using hall beds). It is almost impossible to be... Read More

    I've just been corrected by a co-worker who just read my last message we see around 50,000 per yr at the level II, can't short cahnge anyone.
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    Quote from NicoleRN07
    I am 27 years old, and I have been in nursing for 7 years, and I have yet to burn out! I love my job, and I do not spend every moment complaining about every little petty thing......especially not getting a break!!! I will NEVER put my need for a break over the needs of my patients!!
    Ive been doing this longer than you have even been alive.
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    Quote from carachel2
    I would never stop in the middle of a code to take my lunch break. But the gazillion level 4 and level 5's with their colds, STD's and sore throats can SURELY wait while I eat for 30 minutes. I just don't feel THAT gallant.
    When floating Ive relieved nurse in a code and sent them to lunch. Why not. And yes the others can wait 30 minutes.
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    Quote from sonnyluv
    Quitting is not the answer, and neither is teeing-it-up. Stop telling people to quit and just be happy. Nurses need to fight for their rights. Man, I can't believe you just told a fellow nurse to quit instead of addressing the problem. Heck yeah she should just say no. Now lets find a legal resource for her to back it up, and hopefully not damage her reputation in the process.

    Trudy- your logic is awesome. Fight the fight sister!

    Erdiane: How dare they demand you sacrifice your health so they can make some bucks and continue TO NOT DO THEIR JOB AND ADDRESS STAFFING PROBLEMS. Erdiane, everytime you don't take a lunch break they get away with it and plan to do it again. Look at their faces, you can watch those wheels turn...
    Sometimes quitting is the answer

    And no harm ever comes from teeing it up

    I was fighting for rights before you were born

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