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I am the ER Supervisor in a rural hospital. The only certification required to work in the ER is ACLS. I feel that the nursing staff should be expected to show competency in emergency situations... Read More

  1. by   suzanne4
    Would definitely recommend that all of your nursing staff also get their PALS
    certification. Unfortunately, that comes in all to handy.
  2. by   teeituptom
    Need that whole vegetable soup of initials


    enjoy the wonderfull world of nursing
  3. by   2ndCareerRN
    One set of initials that I feel is also needed....NRP...very few ER's deal with OB, but if you have a precip go bad in the ER you will alway praise the day you decided to do NRP.

  4. by   teeituptom
    we are fortunate
    L and D one floor up above us

    I did catch a precip outside the Ambulance Bay in the front seat of a shiny new mercedes 560 still had the dealer tags and invoice on the window. Nice hand tooled leather seats, beautifull.
    Delivered in the passenger seat a nice healthy baby. blood and amniotic fluid all over that part of the car. Also the placenta popped out and fell on the floor board.

    What a mess

    Moral of the story

    No matter how good a friend she is
    be a nicer friend and call an ambulance to take her
    then they get to clean up afterwards