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I am trying to find out how security works in other ED. We worked in a locked ED- someone has to let patients/visitors in the door. Only 2 are really used at night- the EMS door and the locked door... Read More

  1. by   renerian
    I worked at an inner city hospitals and always had at least 2 armed guards at all time with automatic locking doors in case of wild psyco clients.

  2. by   MandyInMS
    Originally posted by NightMoonRN
    Our nightly {soon to retire} maintenance man is our security "officer". He is armed with a motorola radio.
    LOL:chuckle ..... I hear ya NightMoon...the night gaurd we had on last night was heavily armed with his motorola as I feel safe? noooooo..this poor old fellow looked to be about 70ish and probably weighed 90 pds soaking wet...if I really NEEDED help I'd call another nurse..that's pretty sad :/
  3. by   catchup82
    i find it totally mind blowing. we have a very good security staff which located in our er and most often staffed well. but.....we are getting a security officer in the waiting room because too many 'good' patients complain about the the 'bad' patients in the waiting room.......funny how that happened right after a big dog at the hospital was in the waiting room late one night when one of our frequent flyers was jacking is odd sometimes. i wonder if we would be getting a security guard for the waiting room if the big dog wasnn't there that night. thank god he didn't enjoy it,,,,,,cuz he surely enjoys screwing around with the nursing staffing ratio's!