1. Hi ER nurse veterans,
    We see pediatric medical and major trauma patients in my ER. I need and want to take a good peds course and I was wondering which couse was better. Which course better prepares you for peds patients? Is it a good idea to take both courses?


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  3. by   TinyNurse
    I've "heard" ENPC is better, however my Level I facility only pays for PALS. I'd personally like to have both.
  4. by   traumaRUs
    I've done both in the past and am currently an ENPC instructor. That is the course I would advise - it is a comprehensive course to the assessment of children and includes much more than a code situation: it includes poisonings, care of the child with the special or chronic need, non-accidental trauma, growth and development of children, as well as the code situations.
  5. by   TazziRN
    ENPC is better. More detailed.
  6. by   RunnerRN
    I liked ENPC better. You got a lot of the PALS stuff, but so much more trauma, illness info. For me, I can get an algorithm book and learn my PALS guidelines in a day....but I enjoyed the ENPC breakdown and info.
  7. by   NC-RN
    ENPC is a comprehensive class on pediatric emergency care. PALS is more basic, and concentrates on airway and cardiac life support (ACLS for kids).

    My hospital is now offering ENPC and PALS together as one course. To get the additional PALS certification a couple more hours of class on PALS algorithms is required and you must take both the ENPC and PALS exams.

    What Does Enpc Stand For? I Have An Idea But Not Sure. I Was A Pedi Nurse For Quite A While And All I Had Was Pals.
  9. by   NativeSundance
    Emergency Nurse Pediatric Course. It is an excellent course and more complete than PALS. I suspect PALS will always be the required course for ED nurses, but ENPC is a great one to take just for the knowledge gained from it.