Nursing Assistant VS. Telemetry Tech position

  1. I was wondering if I could get some good feeback from some experienced nurses as to which position would be more valuable for my future. I am a nursing student (RN) and have the opportunity to work as a Nursing Assistant on a heavy med-surg/ortho floor OR as a Telemetry Tech. My ultimate goal as I become an RN, is to be in the ER or a Critical Care Unit. I have one year left as a student and I want to use it wisely. THANK YOU!!
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  3. by   bill4745
    I think you would be better on the med/surg floor. You would learn a lot more. What you would learn as a tele tech would be taught to you in a critical care or ER course/orientation.
  4. by   debbyed
    I have to agree. Getting out on the floor will give you the best exposure. Once you learn to read a monitor you know it. Check and see if your hospital uses Nursing Students in the ER. Ours does. First year students (Nurse Associates I)are taught to same skills as our ERT's {Emergency Room Tech's}, last year students (Nurse Associate II) spend some of their time shadowing a nurse. It is kinda like a "Grow your own" program. It's working out real well for us, and the student have a job that pay's and tutition reinbursement.
  5. by   mom2three
    THANKS so much for your replies... I think I've arrived at the same conclusion. I really want to build my confidence in patient care. I need more than just one clinical night a week for school. I will feel more confident to not be in my school uniform on the floor, feeling like part of the team. I also will have the opportunity to be floated to the ER on some nights. THANKS again for your input, I appreciate it!!