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Heres an idea. once you learn something new regarding ER medicine, post it here. it will become a nice discussion and we can all learn something. post something that you think most ER rns wont... Read More

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    Quote from Froggywog
    Its actually Beta-blockers that mask the signs of hypoglycemia...however, the only symptom of hypoglycemia that beta blockers do *not* mask is sweating since sweating is not affected by the sympathetic nervous system. The sweat receptors are actually innervated by the sympathetic system, but receive signals through muscarine receptors.
    yeah i realized i typed in the wrong thing too late to edit the post
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    tip I learned after 5 years.... upright LPs are a lot easier than laterals for infants.... i found it easier to keep an eye on their respiratory status, baby's heavy (5 weeker) little head on my thumbs and pinky/ring fingers supporting the hips.... really beats the fetal position and the resident got it right away... and apparently... if they need to restick there is less chance of false RBCs in the CSF when they stick the next up vertebral space bc the blood from the first stick will fall down and not contaminate the following stick... as opposed to lateral the blood can spread to all adjacent spaces.... if someone would like to verify this... it would be helpful... seemed to make sense to me though...
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    great thread !!

    in response to the pseudoseizure thread (im a BABY RN, received my license in the mail today)
    Ive seen a doctor order a CPK (not the one with isoenzymes) as sort of a truth serum ...a prolactin level also I believe

    now if youre going to ask me the mechanisms behind it, i shall refer you to google. LOL
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