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UHHHHHHHH. One of those days in the ER...............:stone :cool: Can I get an Amen?:rolleyes:... Read More

  1. by   gwenith
    I'm like spacenurse i only float there occasionally and have mucho respecto for all those who work there every day.....

  2. by   happystudent
    Originally posted by Scis
    Dear happystudent:
    Knew it would come, just hoped it wouldn't be this soon for you! I'm not surprised. You will have many days/weeks like this, but try to remember your enthusiasm of the beginning! You'll pull through, most importantly, keep your sense of humor--if you lose it, you're doomed. If you have good colleagues and a good sense of humor (most ER events CAN BE humorous!) you'll be fine. Keep it up! Patty
    I still have the enthusiasm.... I cant see myself doing anything else right now.... It was a tough shift......I made it thru....went back for round 2

    I expect the ER to be challenging....Keeps my brain sparkin' I like that in a job.......I hate boring mindless work!

  3. by   debbyed
    Aand another AaAAAAAAAAAAAmen
  4. by   AZEMS

    Glad to be in ER. Was a medic running calls left and right with limited ability to educate or change a patients life. But, I enjoy the interactions of patients most tend to feel the same AMEN.
    They don't want to be there in line, waiting only being told to follow-up with their doctor. They appreciate the care and education we give....when we trul give it. The problem is finding time and abililty in the hassle to take 5 mins to show it.
  5. by   mother/babyRN
    Whenever I walk through the ER on my way to delivery I can always tell by the size of the crowd in the waiting room or the number of security people there, how it is going to be when I get to OB....I tell myself "It is only 8 hours ( or whatever time frame I am there for) AND ask God that whatever happens, please get us and the patients through it safely..Please let us have a safe outcome...