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  1. I'm just curious where people do most of their job hunting. I mostly go directly to the employer website, but sometimes will search on Indeed or other sites like that. I find the latter is a whole lot of travel jobs though. Where do you normally search for new jobs? 2018 is rapidly approaching and I'm gearing up for a total life makeover.
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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    Are you looking for ER specifically? The ENA website has lots of job postings. Have you tried the "Jobs" tab here on allnurses?
  4. by   EastCoastLiving
    Thanks for responding! I've looked at the jobs tab here on allnurses, but it doesn't seem like it's updated often. I didn't even think to check the ENA website, but will scope it out and see what's there. I've only ever worked in the ED, but I'm definitely open to other options. I'll do whatever it takes to get to the opposite coast as long as it doesn't involve working nights.
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    Also, if you have any contacts at a specific hospital, no matter how insignificant you think their role is, call them. Chances are they may know just the right person to snag that ever elusive interview.
  6. by   rymes
    I mainly go to all the recruiting web sites like or
  7. by   nuangel1
    I updated my Linkedin profile including an updated resume,used Indeed and career builder as well.Both with my resume.I also contacted some local contract ,travel agencies .I also let my friends know I was job hunting.I just accepted a full time position with local company thru my old boss.took me 3 weeks.