interview advice for new grad - PLEASE

  1. After 6 months of nothing but resume flushes, I have an interview for a position at a local ER. I would LOVE to work there; it's close; it's a good hospital; ER is one of my top two choices. So it's not a "practice" interview and I haven't had a chance to practice.

    Please - what can I expect in the interview? How should I prepare? I have volunteered as an EMT-B and I have ACLS.

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  3. by   Michifura
    Be yourself. Be ready to answer scenario like questions, show them you are a teamplayer, can use critical thinking, show that you are open minded and flexible. Know the hospital's mission, vision, and values. Ask questions-this shows your interest.

    Best of Luck!
  4. by   mykidzmom
    some of the questions i've had over the years.....

    why should we hire you?
    what would your co-workers say about you?
    tell me about a difficult situation you had at work and how you resolved it.
    what would you do if______(it is okay if they give you a clinical situation and you don't know the answer. you can say you don't know-- but stress you would maintain patient safety and ABCs) they want to know you are not so cocky that you think you know all the answers and you are not afraid to ask for assistance.
    you will probably get great responses on this board from managers, so i will leave it at that.
    once last thing: get the names of everyone who interviews you talk to --including peer interviews and the day you come home from the interview, handwrite a thank you note to everyone. if you had 2 or 3 peer interviews, you could write one note to all of them, but put each of their names on it. spell the names right. bring a copy of your resume to the interview.
    one last thing (sorry) if they ask you if you have any questions at the end--have one or 2. and NOT about benefits or time off. maybe about the culture of the staff (socaially not racially) or throw the same question back at them: what do the nurses think are the best things about working here? can you tell n
    buzz words to throw in when you can: "critical thinking" "patient satisfaction" "evidence based practice" i have always interviewed perdy darn well, so if i can help privately, feel free to contact me. although you might have a hiring manager or HR person make the same offer.
    i know how if feel s to feel like THIS is the job i want, that i HAVE to get THIS job. don't be afraid to show enthusiasm. don't try to play it too cool. the other thing you can do is to try to hypnotize them and give them the suggestion that they must hire you. they must hire you and then flap their arms like a chicken. you don't need luck. you want this job bad enough you are sure to get it. congratulations on taking this endeavor!
  5. by   star77
    I would definitely show your passion, be very up front that being an ER nurse is exactly what you want to do.
    On the same note, I would also be very clear that you know the difference between an EMT-B's responsibilities in an ER and an RN's responsibilities. I'd be prepared to articulate this difference.
    Another thing to think about is that as a new nurse, you want to be both safe and competent. I'd emphasize that aspect of your desire to learn.
    Best of luck!
  6. by   Pixie.RN
    In addition to the other stuff mentioned above, I would ask about length of orientation, what kind of continuing education they offer/support (TNCC, ENPC, etc.), and what sort of patient load nurses usually carry.

    Good luck!!! Even after a looooooooong, 13+hour shift in the ED yesterday/last night, I love it.
  7. by   NursewithHeart
    Be gracious and don't go into the interview acting like you know everything. Managers and directors many times are looking for not your nursing knowledge (because obviously you are a brand new nurse), they are looking to gain insight on your work ethic, attitude, how responsible you are, etc.

    mykidzmom gave great advice and those questions are asked many times. In every interview I've ever had, I been asked at least one of those questions if not all.

    Good luck! Let us know how it goes.
  8. by   g61j
    So, did you get the job? I'm interviewing next week. Any advice or tips you can share would be great!