im loving the ed, but am I in over my head?

  1. Hi, I just started in an ER, I passed my boards about 3 weeks ago and was nurse inern for about 2 months before that. The managers are already really trying to push me off orientation because I did the nurse intern, but that did have its limitations. I feel like Im in way over my head with the critical cases or even the technical things like starting IV's (which I have limited experience since I didnt do them as an intern) I feel like I really like the ED but now Im wondering if its right for me because I feel so overwhelmed. Any suggestions?
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  3. by   gonzo1
    If you really love it hang in there. It takes a long time to feel comfortable with the ER but it does happen after a year or two. We do lots of new grads in our ER, but the older nurses are very helpful. We pride ourselves on helping our new people. HOpe you are lucky enough to have the same situation.
  4. by   bill4745
    I had 10 years of critical care before the ER but still spent 90 days on orientation before I worked alone. This is way too soon for you to be off orientation.
  5. by   teeituptom
    Welcome to the wonderfull world of ER nursing

    if over your head try the breast stroke