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I was just browsing these boards and I read posts from all over the country and things are pretty much the same everywhere! I see these things all the time and I think they are universal... Read More

  1. by   zudy
    My favorite: a 23 yr old female comes to our er complaining of "severe mouth pain". She had had her tongue pierced that day. I didn't even bother to try and keep a straight face.
  2. by   Joshua21
    What really blows my mind is the patients who come in comatose d/t etoh, gcs 10-11, we put them in rooms across from our stations to keep an eye on them. They somehow get out of bed without setting off the cardiac moniter, naked as a jaybird with their gowns hanging of the IV tubing attatched to their arm and sit on chairs thinking they're toilets to void and we're none the wiser until we hear the "water" hit the ground! That's stealth technology!
  3. by   flaerman
    How about when the medicaid/welfare pt's tell you " If it wasn't for people like us, you people wouldn't have a job." Doesn't it make you want to scream and tell them if wasn't for people like us, you wouldn't have healthcare coverage. Or when they want a script for OTC drugs like Motrin and Tylenol, maybe if they cut back on their cigarettes they could affords these little items. Had someone register the other day with abd pain, N/V and H/A for 2 years, so what made it worse today???????????
  4. by   Cindy Morse
    Some of my favorites...

    Back pain, for the last 7 yrs! And they can name exactly which vertebrae are involved.
    Vomiting-- since 0630 this morning. It's 0730 and they've arrived by ambulance.
    "Everything hurts."
    The ones who have "a story to tell" and it takes you forever to triage & work them up.
    ...And one of my very favorites, the ones who bring in a bucket, place it between you & them on the floor, and repeatedly lean over and spit in the bucket as they tell you their sad story!
  5. by   CEN35

    you mean you don't like when they come in, cough or spit, and they are flailing theuir hands all over looking at the big spiderweb they just made? lmao! :chuckle

  6. by   petiteflower
    Geez I think the patients that frequent our ER have moved to ya'lls hospitals.
  7. by   shootemrn
    I wasn't going to post about this but it has happened to me on multiple occasions. Have you folks ever had a patient who is "Sleeved" in tatoos start sweating when you go to start a IV and says "I dont like needles!" I then casually put down the 20ga and open up the 14ga.
  8. by   flashpoint
    Ok, I know this thread is old, but it made me laugh, so... My favorite is the person who brings their two year old in at 0200 and says..."She saw Dr. Jones this afternoon and she just doesn't seem to be getting any better!" "And what did Dr. Jones reccommend?" asks the nurse. "Well he gave her this pink stuff adn some purple stuff for a cough, but we haven't given her any yet." "And it hasn't helped? Dr. Jones didn't lay his hands on her and cure her? Well, color me surprised."
  9. by   Indiana ED RN
    Originally posted by teeituptom
    Yes it was positive for blood. Went back to the patient getting to place an IV in him and he asks me for a bandaid because he pricked his finger. I didnt ask him how.
    I have had a few of those type idiots.... the best one that had poked himself so hard that he syncoped in the bathroom from the site of his own blood.....found urine cup with blood all over it and a thumbtack in the sink.............

  10. by   BadBird
    How about the schizo who was having her period but insisted it was her 14th miscarriage?
  11. by   Kim Steinmann
    Yes, or perhaps a "Vicodin Deficiency." This is also a drug of choice I have found! Ha..
  12. by   cwazycwissyRN
    CRAZY.CRAZY We did surgery on a 78 yr old female that in her psych eval stated ; Pt. stated of course she was speeding to the hospital'any time your going to the ER it is an emergency" I was in a hurry because I was depressed. I'm not having sex enough with my husband and I'm very frustated. MVA on way to hospital.
  13. by   MLL
    Triaged one the other day that wanted to know how long he would be in ED because he had an appointment with his PCP in 50 minutes for the same thing!
    Holy crap! Is it me??????