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I was just browsing these boards and I read posts from all over the country and things are pretty much the same everywhere! I see these things all the time and I think they are universal... Read More

  1. by   amy
    Teeitup; I am still laughing!!!
  2. by   mdslabod
    I thought I was the only one who heard the
    worse excuses for emergency room visits.
    No way. It is the same all over.

    My question is this, what has become of our society? Why are we so weak that we have to go
    to the ER at 3 in the morning for a pain that has been there for two weeks?

    I love the ones that tell me that they have an
    appointment with their family doc that same day but couldn't wait.

    G-d bless us..everyone.
  3. by   shootemrn
    Yes I too get disgusted with some folks. Americans used to be hardy pioneering type folks. Draging wagons through the snow exploring the west. Yukon gold rush, WWI, WWII, People carrying folks down 80 flights of smoke filled stairs because they were less injured on 9/11..etc..etc. But it seems there is a class of apathetic people that can not tolerate any kind of ailment for any period of time.

    Isnt it disturbing when you get a very healthy young Man/Woman coming to the ED, where you have to think hard about their vague complaint and have to word it so the folks in the core wont laugh too hard!

    Scenario 1: Friday 0300: Young 18 year old man walks into triage drinking a coke. States "He Doesn't Feel Well" Upon closer Triage the young man states "I havent felt good for 3 days and I have a fever." 0 HX/ 0 Meds Vitals T 98.8 P 72 R16 BP120/80 Nurse writes "General Malise X3 Days"

    Scenario 1a: (ideal world) Friday 0300 Young 18 year old man walks into triage drinking a coke. States "He Doesn't Feel Well" Upon closer Triage the young man states "I havent felt good for 3 days and I have a fever."0 HX/ 0 Meds Vitals T 98.8 P 72 R16 BP120/80
    Nurse states "oh thats too bad". "You need to step into the next office and see Corporal Punishment. He will give you 10 minute block of instruction on parachuting and the use of an automatic rifle. You will then be transported to a airfield and parachuted into Afghanstain. Dont forget about your co pay and life insurance forms. "Have a Nice Day!" Then the nurse will yell out into the waiting room "NEXT!"

    Think that will cut down on the non-urgents?

  4. by   mdslabod
    To shootemrn: I detected a note of sarcasm.
    Was I out of line? Just say so.

    I know that we have a job because of the people
    who come in to the ER, sick or not. But, I was
    brought up to consider the word, "emergency" to
    mean just that. Something that could not wait or
    is life threatening.

    I could be wrong.

    That's for your reply.

  5. by   gvar
    My favorite is the one that comes in for any reason but needs that note that he was in the ER because "I was supposed to be in court today".
  6. by   Jen911
    How about this for a nursing diagnosis in the ER for those patients who are repeat visitors for that darn pain control that we keep chasing....

    "Demerol Deficiency"
  7. by   Joshua21
    I doubt this is unique but how about the regular drunk who calls for an ambulance at the payphone across the street? And gets it! Say thankyou to the social system
  8. by   shootemrn
    I have a regular drunk who comes in who I see more than my wife. This guy gts drunk then he calls a ambulance stating he wants to kill himself or is seeking detox. We are currently on a first name basis.
    I was wondering how many times this man has come into our ED and so I checked our admitting log and ambualnce log and this man has been to our ED 157 times in the last three years. I spoke to my manager about this and they actually tried getting a court order to have this man a personna non gratta. Well giving that we are located in Massachuttess and we have liberal judges we were denied the ability not to treat this man.
  9. by   teeituptom
    Howdy yall
    From deep in the heart of texas
    Had another cool customer last night. A young man aged 27 yrs old. Cane to Er with a kidney stone. Got him to the back collected a UA, finished my assessment, went and dipped the urine. Yes it was positive for blood. Went back to the patient getting to place an IV in him and he asks me for a bandaid because he pricked his finger. I didnt ask him how. I did let the Er MD know about it and he ordered a cath ua, which the patient allowed, Yes it was dip negative. No he didnt get any narcotics from us. Intersting peoples perceptions of what we do and think.
    keep it in the short grass yall
  10. by   kaycee
    He must have been new at it, or three bricks shy of a load. Ours never ask for a bandaid and always refuse the staight cath. I guess he'll learn from experience.
  11. by   micro
    who has ever had an AMA form in there hand when goin in to care for patient...........

  12. by   massEDgirl
    What would we do without our "regulars" to the ED. We might be able to actually take better care of the sick people. Have one VERY drunk girl that comes in when ever she is loney. Usually always has some lame excuse to be seen , but mostly just wants to talk. We end up having to make her wait most of the time.....just to busy. I don't know if it is a good Idea though having her wait in the waiting room. She always gets someone feeling so sorry for her they come up to the triage window asking when we are going to "take that poor girl in". They think we are so rotten for making her wait. Thinks if she takes an ambulance in we will take to her sooner...but we only end up having the emt's take her out to the waiting area.
  13. by   amy
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