I C E......In Case of Emergency

  1. Does anyone use this? Have you ever looked at a pt's cell phone for this? My husband wanted me to find out if this is an urban legend or if we should have this in our kids' cell phones.
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  3. by   flashpoint
    I actually have ICE in my cell phone, but I've never looked in a patient's phone for it. I don't think it could hurt though...
  4. by   bleppity
    I have I C E in my cell phone contact list. Not sure how widespread the practice is, but I personally think it's a good idea.
  5. by   supernurse65
    I too have ICE in my cell phone. An e-mail was sent general mail to all of the employees of my company suggesting this in Indiana. I hope if something happened to me that someone would look at my cell for this.
  6. by   sjt9721
    I remember the mass emailing about using ICE in your cell phone. I guess it could work. What's important is training PD/EMS/ED personell to look for that particular acronym in someone's phone.

    My husband and I have "Husband-Cell", "Husband-Work", "Wife-Cell", "Wife-Work" in our cell phones. My parents are listed as "Mom & Dad". This makes better sense for our situation.
  7. by   jannrn

    This website says it is legit...
  8. by   shazbo
    i've had it on my cell for about a year.i think it's a brilliant idea.
  9. by   TazziRN
    Thank you!!! We'll make sure the kids have it in their phones.
  10. by   TZRNER
    Yep, my mother in law told me years ago to do it she worked at a police station and when I became an ER nurse I have heard and seen it used...hope it becomes more popular.
  11. by   andhow5
    It's used around my area (Southwest Indiana), and our EMS are really good at looking through cell phones if our police haven't already...

    I have used it a few times in the *rare* instances the phone was overlooked (stuck down in a pocket), and it works very well.
  12. by   vamedic4
    Hi Tazzy!!!

    I have ICE in my cell too...just in case my head explodes while I'm driving home...

    OT- How'd the ACLS go???

  13. by   MS._Jen_RN
    A little off topic, but funny. I, in another life, was a waitress. We had a younger group do a dine and dash. Well, one of the kids forgot their cell phone in the hasty get-away. The manager called the listing for "mom" and let her know about her son's dining practices. He came back to claim his phone and pay the bill, presumably thoughly chastised. So, if you plan on getting a "free" meal, don't leave the phone.
    :innerconf ~Jen
  14. by   AuntieRN
    What exactly is this? I have never heard of it.