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Hi, I'm a newly licensed RN in MA. Before I went to nursing school I got my EMT-B certification, although I never worked as an EMT. Now my EMT cert is up for renewal and unfortunately I haven't... Read More

  1. by   Dallas_RN
    Quote from danh3190

    Thank you for the possibility to investigate. I'm in MA, so we'll see what their policy is. i'd still have to take the emt refresher probably, but that's much more manageable given my time constraints.

    Although I'm still wondering if there's any specific cases in which being an EMT-B as well as an RN helped. The only thing I've seen so far is flight nursing.


    I am both a R.N. and a EMT-Paramedic, every cert. helps without a doubt. If nothing else you'll have that much more knowledge to help giude you. As far as flight nursing, the R.N./EMT-P combination is ideal 99.9% of the time because R.N.'s cannot intubate nor can EMT-Basics.

    Having both certifications HAS opened doors for me no question.

    Best of luck.
  2. by   CocoBelly

    Did you ever find out if they do this in PA?! Also, I was EMT-B certified in November of 2008 (I think they last 3 years?) and I'm going to nursing school (drexel's accelerated) this march. I'm wondering if those nursing credits would count. That would be fantastic. Does getting CPR recertified count toward this as well?? Anyone know?
  3. by   Boston-RN
    I am an RN in an ED in Boston....and with the difficulty of new grads in MA getting jobs....especially in the ED it would benefit you greatly to keep up the cert. Any edge is still an edge.

    We have several RN's that were EMS before (and still are) and they kick butt....