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Hello, I am new to all nurses as a poster. Have been looking at posts for a year or so. Anyway, my coworkers and I were having a disscussion of the highest BP we have ever seen. We had a pt come... Read More

  1. by   AuntieNursey
    186/148, my husband. Off to the ER, thinking it was a hypertensive episode, nope, viral menigitis! Interesting 2 days at hospital! Lots of pain and nothing working. Goota love morphine :spin:
  2. by   rnanm
    Have been managing a hypertensive patient on the DOU with an admit B/P of 265/128. Lots of Tridil and IV Lopressor later it is hanging it around 170/98. This patient is not renal.
  3. by   MD1211
    220/145- dialysis pt. after chemo.
  4. by   santhony44
    Too high to register on the mercury sphygmomanometer over 100-something. I don't remember the bottom number, I remember pumping the mercury all the way to the top and hearing it immediately.

    CHF patient with pulmonary edema, sitting straight upright in bed with that "air hunger" expression on her face. A surgeon who had grown up next door to her had just happened to drop by to say "hello" and got her to the ICU.

    She didn't make it.

    I was a LPN student and have never forgotten it, nor the expression on her face. (About 1982 or so).
  5. by   sqky
    you may not believe it.. but this is true

    my doc's office his nurse got 294/180 on me when I went in for a migraine ..... guess where I ended up.
  6. by   RN 4 U
  7. by   nrsang97
    Highest BP 310/240 with ART line and nothing working. Pt did survive. Lowest BP 40/20's just a few days ago. Neo drip hung. Pt passed away last night.
  8. by   spiceyqueen
    on a dysreflexic spinal pt who 280/170 (he had a kidney stone), not uncommon for him, one time during bowel care 250/140, kinked SPC 200 over something. same pt has generally low BP(90/60) due to level of SCI ( and we use manual Sphygs only)
  9. by   oneillk1
    Quote from nckayaker
    I am new to all nurses as a poster. Have been looking at posts for a year or so.
    Anyway, my coworkers and I were having a disscussion of the highest BP we have ever seen. We had a pt come in and say that the BP on the home monitor was 280/110. It was 162/109 at the ER.
    So what is the highest BP any of you have ever seen?
    Over 300 systolic on an arterial line... got to 300 then just said +++ (obviously the transducer won't read anything above that!). Don't know what it was on manual, we were kinda busy at that point!
    Tried every drug we have in ICU to bring his BP down, were just about to give him propofol when it dropped to a relatively low 220 systolic!

    Although not really surprising when you consider that he's been admitted with a cerebral haemorrhage from..... hypertension!!!
  10. by   picuman
    On a pt with PIH she had Bp of 300/218 was in a coma and later arrested. We saved her newborn though.
  11. by   regan4now
    Mine was 88/42 HR 130, I was put in trendeleburg and got numerous IV boluses, at least 4. 30 hours later I weighed myself and had gained 13 #.
    I do not know what was going on. That day I took 2 grams of Amoxicillen prior to getting my teeth cleaned. I take coumadin daily because of a mitral valve replacement nd history of Atrial fib. The cleaning was cancelled, no hygienist. That upset me because I do not like taking the ABX because of yeast, diarrhea, etc. I should have been called by the dental office. Anyway I drove myself home and started having chills in the car, then felt a little SOB. By the time I got home it was time to call the Paramedics. My temp was 102.9 and I went to the ER.
  12. by   shannonleighann
    280's systolic, not renal, art line reading, pt had health issues +anxiety issues+disaster. The lowest was when I saw 70/30 cuff pressure-that was a long night. Pt went into Afib, spiked a temp, decreased LOC. Pt left our unit from ICU to rehab. Hope she's doing well.
  13. by   txspadequeenRN
    Highest was 220/120m, this was me when I was in the hospital for PIH with my 3rd baby and I have seen so many low BP's while working in hospice it is hard to single one out.