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  1. by   erShocker
    Momma sounds like a real enabler.
    Best I've seen was a 17 y.o. male. Drunk and fell down the steps sneaking home. Broken are - could have told them that without x-rays. Mom and Dad were riding this kid hard. You could tell they loved this kid, but they would not have brought him in the ER if his arm wasn't broke. Really putting guilt trip on this kid. No comfort for his actions. Family OK with Motin only for pain - in fact would not let us give him any thing IV except NS. Never saw him in er again.
    The girl from your story - did she every come back? Why not every one was worried about her - positive reinforment - if I remeber my college psych.
  2. by   bgh68
    I know this is a stressful occupation but we chose it! Most of us still love it, good and bad. I have to say I am speechless after reading some of the comments. Wow. We are the professionals, we are supposedly in control, educated and experienced to handle or at least deal with illness and its effect on the patient as a person, and their families. Where did empathy go, when did they cancel the old, corny golder rule, has anyone seen empathy? Making snide remarks to patients families is unforgiveable. No matter how rude they seem to be. I am seriously disappointed in our lack of kindness. Its not hard to be kind to the sweet 92 year old, but the angry 49 year old!
  3. by   Veriti
    "Kind of off topic, but it truly amazes me how many people come the the ER for a head cold or stomach flu. I have never even seen a Dr. for such things, and neither has anyone I know, where do these people come from?"

    OMG!! I so agree with this! I have never been to my PMD much less take a visit to the ER in order to be treated for a cough,flu symptoms, or sore throat. It is amazing the amount of people we get (flocks actually) who have minor complaints and want to be seen IMMEDIATELY!!! When I am acting charge nurse at night and these people begin complaining I try very hard to smile and explain our triage system... this information apparently is similar to explaining quantum physics as they cannot seem to grasp the concept that there are SICK people in the ER

    I just don't get people either, I definitely try to educate about primary care physicians and when they should be utilized...or even OTC remedies that are helpful for flus and such...Motrin, pepto, and maybe throw in some nyquil should fix whatever ails you
  4. by   teeituptom
    Quote from MCF
    Sounds like you may have some interesting stories about patients in those categories? (Republicans, lawyers, sports figures, journalists) How do you find out the political affiliation of all your patients? Personally, I try to avoid controversial topics on the job - why add to the stress! But some folks find it exhilarating!:Snow:
    Here in Texas, a hardcore Republican Bushie State, you just assume all these idiots are Republican.

    As for stories about sports figures Ive known a large number, and with some very good stories to go alomg with it,

    Now all journalists, thats another storym when I was young there were very good journalists out there, Now they are all even lower scum sucking bottom feeders than any lawyer is.
  5. by   bgh68
    As a med-surg nurse, I know just how you feel. It's hard to keep in mind that no matter what these folks look like to us, they think the ER is where they should be. With all the regulations we need to follow (emtala, cobra) and the customer service we all hear about daily, the lone guide should still be "and if this person was my mother..." how should we treat her.
  6. by   jenruth
    I can relate to all these posts. What really irritates me about these people is, while they're yelling and making a scene, they often make sure to let you know they have a lawyer. So I document very thoroughly.
  7. by   erjulie
    Quote from teeituptom
    When it comes to people like that, you need to remember not to let it get personal for you. For me I just smile sweetly and talk slowly and softly, while inside Im imagining inserting 24 fr foleys and rectal tubes into them at the same time. Yes its a control issue whether on the patients behalf or that of some family member who is trying to exert control over their impotency at the time.

    If there are any patients I truly dislike they would be Republicans, Lawyers, sport figures, and most of all journalists, particularly journalists.
    why journalists?
    I particularly hate spoiled yuppie scum...but I cna't for the life of me remember if I've ever had a journalist...
  8. by   teeituptom
    Quote from erjulie
    why journalists?
    I particularly hate spoiled yuppie scum...but I cna't for the life of me remember if I've ever had a journalist...
    Journalists used to be very honorable, look at the great ones.
    Now they are just a bunch of scummy bottom feeder Papparazi

    should be a hunting season for them
  9. by   TinyNurse
    gawd..........i know it's hard.........but as a poster above said

    I know this is a stressful occupation but we chose it! Most of us still love it, good and bad.
  10. by   ClaireMacl
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  11. by   Uptoherern
    the evil people are everywhere.............just last night, in a 2 bed room with a curtain drawn between the beds...........

    The psychotic women on one side was loudly saying "LALALALALALA" you know, like kids do when they put their fingers in their ears? She was doing this as I was trying to talk to my pneumonia pt. on the other side of the curtain. THEN, she asks me "what's her problem? what's she here for? Is she psych, too?" I said, I cannot tell you anything, it is against the privacy laws.

    Her response?......................................... .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. .................................."Oh. Well you're not a lawyer, you are just a low life nurse!"

    I refused to say anything back to her, and went on about my business with the other patient.

    good lord.