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  1. I hope there is someone in my situation or know someone who has or anyone who has any info regarding this.
    I'm an ER RN with less than a year background, where I knew it wasn't for me at the time. Now, I love it at the ER! I've been there for almost three months and in two weeks, I'll be off preceptorship.
    Well anyways, this is my first pregnancy, now six weeks. I'm just stuck right now about this: I was told to prevent lifting, decreasing stress, and not to care for pts who have chickenpox. --You know, some charge RN's don't know either about what pt's I should stay away from! In regards to Cancer pts: when having radiation the day of admission to the ER, I can't care for -----but gosh, how can you tell or get that info when you know it's kind of difficult to get that info- like for example, the pt is confused or the pt can't answer or when the family doesn't quite know. And another example, when I had a pt with decreased LOC for a couple of days, and then with me most of the day, he was totally with it neuro wise and towards the end of my shift, he was suspected maybe to have meningitis--which made me freak out for my baby growing. Then luckily later, it was most likely a subdural hematoma. I really do not want to make this too long to read for now. I hope you understand what I'm trying to say and ask. So I guess the main question is what things should be aware of or stay away from other than what I've said above, please correct me if I'm wrong too. -Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   mhull
    I am 23 weeks pregnant and an ER nurse. Welcome to the club!!!

    I have been told to stay away from chicken pox, shingles, meningitis, and nuclear medicine pts. I am sure there is more. I am interested in knowing this also, maybe someone else can chime in and tell us.

    Congrats again!!!
  4. by   BSNtobe2009
    That's a really good post you have. Because with the ER, patients aren't diagnosed yet versus floor nursing....that's a tough call.
  5. by   JRapha'sRN
    Congratulations! I know that in my ER the other staff members are very protective of my baby (and my at-times-queasy stomach) and will tell me not to take certain patients. I hope that you are cared for in this way as well. We have an x-ray machine in our trauma bay and I have begun to try not to take the major trauma pts going into that room.

    If I've already had the chickenpox I'm ok to be around others with it, right? I thought it's only pregnant women who haven't had it that have to be careful.
  6. by   Larry77
    We have had many pregnant nurses and techs in our dept and have never had a problem. I have not heard of them avoiding pt's except for the obvious meningitis, r/o TB and of course the violent pt's.

    If you are extremely worried, how about transferring to a diff dept until you deliver.
  7. by   Jennifer, RN
    I have had 2 babies while working on tele floor and taking all kinds of isolations except for chickenpox. Never had a problem.
    I am now pregnant with my 4th child and working in ER and really am not worried about it. You could be exposed to all of those types of people in the local grocery store, coughing and hacking all over you. At least as a nurse, you know something is wrong with them. Use your standard precautions, and if someone seems suspicious for some contagious disease, use more protective gear.
    Tell the charge nurse you won't take certain pts if you are uncomfortable with caring for them. I have found that co workers are usually looking out for me, but if they don't, I just let them know.
    Good luck. Try not to worry too much, enjoy your pregnancy.

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