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Do you wear...we are on our feet for our whole shifts sometimes...I myself swear by clogs..always have.. I have 4pairs..1 dansko..1 modellista..1 rocket dog.... and a pair of crocs..i cannot wear... Read More

    I like the classic black tie up Doc Marteens. They have Goodyear rubber well treaded soles. They are particulary good for wide feet and high insteps. When the cleaning staff says: "Careful, I just washed the floor!" I smile and keep walking. These shoes are really safe!
  2. by   Schatzi RN CEN
    Crocs for sure, but I tend to trip, too. Especially when I get really tired.
  3. by   Maverick80
    i wear birkenstock white tokyo clogs. I work prn as a tech in the ER and i'm a nursing student. i have to have white shoes for school, so i bought the white ones and wear them for work and clinical. I love them. They are expensive, but i spent 60 bucks on another nursing shoe and they hurt my feet so bad. i love birkenstocks can't live without them!!
  4. by   LeahJet
    Crocs just didn't do anything for me. I mean, they are comfortable...but not really a lot of support. Almost like going around in your socks.....except for that irritating tendency for the rubber toe to "stick" on the floor and make you trip.
    BUT, everyone seems to like them...I must be the exception to the rule.:wink2:
  5. by   lvs2nrs3535
    I am so happy to hear that is the rubber toe's tendency to stick to the floor, and not my own klutziness!! (new word?)
    I guess I am also the exception to the rule.
    Although, they do make good, 'keep them by the door when you need to run out to the car' shoes. A little expensive for that, though. Ah well. We live and learn, right?
    Seriously, New Balance sneakers seem to be the most comfortable to me. I can do a 12 hour shift and not think about my feet at all. They are a little wider then the other sneakers and very comfortable.
  6. by   carachel2
    Quote from KristyBRN
    I love crocs, but I swear to God, I keep tripping over nothing when I wear them!! There must be something seriously wrong with me!

    This is quite common I'm thinking. I've taken care of two healthcare workers in the ED (one rad tech and one RN) who have fractured their wrists after tripping on their Crocs. The right toe of my Crocs curves in to the left in an abnormal way and I trip a lot when I wear mine.

    I'm leaning more towards Dansko's these days.
  7. by   FastWater
    Crocs have actually been 'banned' where I work, but everyone is still wearing them anyways. I see people trip everyday when they are wearing them - it's not just a couple people.
  8. by   auto5man
    I have been wearing crocs the past two months and really like them, but I do experience the "trip" thing....

    Maybe wouldn't be the best choice in a trauma center ER, though (not enough protection).

    The past four years prior to wearing Crocs, I wore Merrell camp mocs religiously. They are awesome shoes. The ONLY problem I had with them was that my feet sweat in them. If you wear cotton socks then they get wet from sweating, then you lose the cushioning value of the sock (Bad when on your feet for 12 hours). I compensated for this by buying synthetic extra cushioning hiking socks, which don't lose their cushioning even when damp from sweat. Still two disadvantages,,,,the hiking socks are about 10-12 dollars per pair, and the feet are smelling RIPE after 12 hours!

    The merrells were more comfortable, but I don't have the sweating problem with the crocs (with all the ventilation holes) and was able to go back to wearing 100% cotton socks.

    Sorry to sound so anal about footwear, but after a year long bout with plantar fasciitis, I never want to have on the wrong footwear again.


  9. by   MimismomRN
    I love the Easy Spirit slip on/clog like tennis shoes. Only shoes that work for me. Cost is about $69.
  10. by   Ann RN
    Crocs!!!!!!!!! I will wear nothing else. I have never had problems with them and have never tripped. 99% of my foot and back pain is gone!
  11. by   ERnursing4me
    love my crocs but i also have the tripping problem with them. i love them but cannot wear them a full 12 hours, i have tried avia, easy spirit and new balance. what has worked best for me are the merrell mocs (3-12hr shifts back to back and on the 4th day i could get out of bed without my legs and back hurting) i do like my new balance 470 mules but they are not quiet as good as the merrell (they are my 2nd favorite) but i am sold, all my work shoes will be merrell
  12. by   chibear55
    Definately Crocs!!
  13. by   DaretoDreamRN
    New Balance For Me All D Way