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After circling the drain with compassion fatigue, I stumbled upon this article that was published in the ACEP: read it and tell me you don't feel proud! Guest Editorial ACEP News September... Read More

  1. by   Sportnut RN
    I really needed to read this right now. It has given me some inspiration to keep going with my ER job. I recently have been struggling with why I continue to go to the ER night after night and deal with unruly, ungrateful people who visit the ER in the middle of the night with a cold they have had for 5 days, and then get mad because our doctor and staff are trying their darndest to keep alive a 20 year old MVA pt. instead of catering to their every whim. What a great thing to read, especially something so nicely written by a DOCTOR!
  2. by   mozart
    i just read your article throughly and what i can tell is ..... ER nurses are they bestttt!! am not working in ER but for next year, i will take courses specialising in A&E.. i work in community my country, community nurses need to handle emergency cases as well...our clinic is an open anything can happen ...

    too bad some people does not aware of what a nurse can actually do...we can do more than what is expected...
  3. by   workerbeezee
    Bravo! Bravo!......I'm going to aspire to be an ER Nurse.
  4. by   ativangtt
    very nice article, made me feel good.
  5. by   rico1051
    This made my day.
  6. by   biker momma
    Thanks for sharing this article. I plan to take it to work and post it in our break room.
  7. by   10MG-IV
    Quote from TraumaLovinGoofball
    I am a new ED Nurse and somedays I spend the whole ride home tearful and wondering ."What did I forget to do tonight?" This was really great to read, thanks for posting it.

    -Cristin, Massachusetts
    Hey, dry up, If the Charge nurse or nurse you gave report to doesn't call you and rake you over the coals after you left, you are fine.
    that is why we have shifts. besides, who HASN'T forgot something.
    let them cast the first syringe.
    Sit down over a Starbucks triple expresso and ask, ok I need some constructive criticism here, :trout:don't eat me alive, but lemme know where do I need to improve. Actually we should all do it.

    Life's a Garden
    dig it?
    joe dirt
  8. by   schoona
    [FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Thanks for that post, after the New Years Day Night I had (which rated as one of my worst in 10yrs + in ED) that was great. I have copied and sent to all my ED friends.
    Hope everyones New Year is a good one
  9. by   45nurse
    Just came home from a busy night at work in the ED. Feeling unappreciated, until I read this. So glad some one ( a doctor, no less:spin "gets it".
  10. by   ok2bout
    What a great article. This describes my life as an ER nurse. I had to print this out and share it with my fellow co-workers.

    In this day and age where we are holding pt's in the ED overnight b/c there are no beds in the hospital, pt's in hall beds, people waiting for hours to come back from the waiting room, being on divert, staff shortages, trauma's, and the list goes on and on it surely was nice to see something positive and motivating.:spin:
  11. by   stacy0216
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
  12. by   helloworld
    As a new grad starting in the ED very soon, this article makes me so glad I chose the ED!
  13. by   stacy0216
    Tomorrow is my very first shift in the E.D. (as a new grad) and although I do not count myself among the nurses that this doctor is referring, I am honored to be joining their ranks!! I am in awe of the job that I have been hired into. Joining the team of nurses in a level I trauma E.R. at a magnet hospital is humbling as much as it is intimidating. I hope that one day I am as wonderful as the nurses described in this fabulous article!