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One of our ER nurses has been just UGLY to all of our EMS people over the past couple weeks. No matter what EMS brings in and no matter what EMS does she finds fault with it. She is refusing to... Read More

  1. by   VaEMT190
    The whole 2nd shift nursing shift gives us hell, big-time. We brought in a code and one of the Transport crews opened the doors for us, and they used the manual button so it stayed open. They got so mad at us(and we didn't even do it, different agency and all) that we got an email about it. The best is when they didn't even attempt to assist us to work a code. We brought in a unstable pt to them because it was a little bit closer and they got mad at us because they thought that we would have been smart enough to take it to the big-time trauma center. One of the ER Doctors in the hospital DOES not sign EMS papers at all, and after about the 3rd write up he would just put a check mark- instead of his name. But I don't fret, they are basically a bandaid hospital and about 40% of our transports go to them.
  2. by   Altra
    Old thread ... but this absolutely would not be tolerated where I work.

    Removing c-collars before MD exam and/or imaging?? You may as well light a match to your nursing license.
  3. by   Pacman RN
    The old saying, "...walk a mile in the other person's shoes", well, it's so true! I spent 30 years in EMS..rose to the top. I spent 17 years on a life flight helicopter as a flight medic. The top of the EMS food chain. I like most EMS had a view of nurses. The nurses I worked with directly were different, because they were also in EMS. I thought nurses spent most of the time charting, talking on the phone...and picking on EMS for entertainment.
    Having just finished nursing school, I realize what nurses have to go through to get where they are, and the level of dedication to be successful. I'm grateful I had the eye opening eexperience of learning their world! I have never worked harder than I have as a nurse!!!
    Unfortunately, few nurses have the opportunity, or desire to try our little corner of the world on for size. I'm sure if they look at EMS in a objective way, they would realize why we do what we do. Sure there's some bad, lazy practitioners out there giving EMS a bad name, but all-in-all, they are knowlegable, skilled men and women doing a tough job for little pay.
    The bottom line, Nurses and EMTs/medics are all professionals in their own right!!
  4. by   Iam46yearsold
    Quote from tattooednursie
    Well . . as an EMS worker myself, (I'm also on the medical team for my volunteer fire departmet, averaging about 3 calls a month) I am VERY PEEVED with the words "ambulance driver" EMT's and Paramedics do much more than that! That nurse needs to quit! now! Yeah, EMT's and paramedics don't have nearly as much schooling as RN's, but the courses are still hard (I've taken the EMT B class). That nurse needs not to treat anyone like that! I would be so p'd off if I asked a nurse what our situation was and the answer I get is " I need a paramedic and thats all you need to know"

    Rude people shoudnt even be allowed to work in a hospital.
    I think you ID is very sweet. How many tattoos do you have.
  5. by   Iam46yearsold
    I enjoy meeting all the EMS people coming into my ER. Ive found them all very nice and pleasant. Some of them are very cute also. I am never mean to them.
  6. by   rachelgp
    Well, I am personally happy to see that so many of you are outraged at this. I was (and still am) a Paramedic while I was going through nursing school. I can't count the number of times I was called an "ambulance driver" or talked down to...I tried to tell myself that it was just because these people had not been educated as to the scope of practice that Paramedics practice. But, it was still frustrating. I remember one day, an RN thought she needed to describe to me what "gross hematuria" was. HAHA! I was an ER tech while I was finishing nursing school, and at the same time was working as a Paramedic. I would hear all these derogatory remarks made by nursing staff, and, strangely enough, other nurses rarely stood up for us. In fact, I can remember several times when ER docs would step into a conversation to defend EMS. I confess, I still have a little bit of a chip on my shoulder about all this, even though I have been an ER RN for almost 2 years now! You can bet, I'm one RN who will step up and say something when I feel EMS is being mistreated or disrespected! So, thanks to all those who realize that we aren't just "ambulance drivers!"
  7. by   mmutk
    Yeah I would deff bust her a$$. That ****** me off it's like when floors hate on us because we admit patients to them, like it's our fault they have to be admitted. Like it's EMS' fault the patients want to be brought there.
  8. by   TraumaNurseRN
    We get along really well with our EMS and employ many in our ED. They are not allowed to assess or pass meds or anything but work more in the tech arena, and transport stepdown unit patients when the RN is unable to. They start IVs whereas the techs aren't allowed. I'm not certain what their pay is compared to the techs....all of them still run on crews too. Our hospital has a paramedic teaching program too.
  9. by   ARKYLE
    I used to be an EMT. Just graduated from RN school. I have the up most respect for all EMS professionals. We dont get the respect of fellow healthcare employee's. I loved working as a EMT but the pay was not much better than minimum wage. So again say thanks to your local EMS crews. Many of them appreciate it its a demanding job that doesnt get much respect. Be safe out there!
  10. by   Jennifer, RN
    I can't believe she acts like that! Is she mentally stable?
    I love all the EMTs that come through my ER. And to pull out IVs or take off C-spine precautions? Seems just crazy to me.
    Hope she never needs one of the EMTs to save her A$$ one day.
  11. by   TraumaNurseRN
    I must say this though....Rn's in the ER have their role....and EMS has's not the same profession nor the same education you can't mix the's like water and oil
  12. by   Roy Fokker
    I got really short with a transport crew last week (nursing home pt. We were absolutely balls-to-the-wall divert, Long story).

    Anyway, it wasn't their fault at all (ummm, they don't get to decide whom to transport, yes?) By the time I got done assessing the pt., I felt really bad for treating them discourteously.

    Luckily, they came by again in a couple hours to do another transport and I apologized to them in person. They told me not to worry about it and that it was all old news anyhow.

    Still felt guilty though :imbar

    But this nurse? Sheesh! She needs to be talked to or counseled about her "hard to work with" attitude.

  13. by   Iam46yearsold
    Quote from TraumaNurseRN
    I must say this though....Rn's in the ER have their role....and EMS has's not the same profession nor the same education you can't mix the's like water and oil

    Oil and water and vinegar make a wonderful salad dressing. Who says we are not there doing the same job. I thought we were there to take care of patients. Not massage our delicate egos.