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Had a bad day and would like to have some fun. Thought I would try to put together a disclaimer upon signing into the ER that almost sounds professional enough to hand patients. Thank you for... Read More

  1. by   Victoriakem
    Quote from Jen2
    Working triage the other day. Waiting room full of ESI 111 patients. Car pulls up and this middle aged man weighing about 120 lbs pulls up and comes running in through the doors. "I need help getting my wife out of the car , she can't move." The CA goes out with a wheelchair, well she weighs about 350 lbs and is unable to sit up straight. We get three of our most macho men, a flight medic, our charge nurse and the CA to go out with a stretcher, and "extricate" this woman from the private vehicle. They get her out of the car and onto the stretcher. As I am triaging her I ask how she got into the car in the first place. She informed me that her 120 lb husband "carried" her to the vehicle. Her chief complaint was low back pain x's 2 months.
    Makes you wonder how people got into the car in the first place.
    And how they get home, is NOT my business.