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  1. Had this post in general discussion but not getting responses. Maybe some of you in ER specifically may know:

    Hey everyone! Starting my orientation in the critical section of our ER. One of my coworkers showed me this awesome little tiny pocket book ER Trauma Checkmate works great with a bunch of drugs and their rates plus acls and ER specific things. I'm trying to buy a new version from the NNCC website but doesn't really describe much of anything let alone publishing things plus expensive. Little cheaper on which is where I want to buy it. However I heard there are updates available and newer version. Amazon has the one I first wanted but 2003 version by a Angela Clarkson ER Trauma Checkmate through NNCC. However listed from April, 2006 is ER Trauma Checkmate (Critical care series) by Anne Larson with no pic an no info about NNCC on it. I was wondering if anyone new if this was the updated version. About 10 pages longer. I posted a ? on but people on here might know better. I looked on the NNCC website and it's 10-15$ more plus looks like I might have to buy the old one then the updates. If anyone could help I'd appreciate it. I'm nervous about the different drug rates and will borrow my preceptors checkmate but I want to get the right one and buy it soon so I have it off of orientation! Thanks! Here's more info on them that I could find!
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    I worked in a level one trauma center for 10 years and got my first ER Checkmate in 1996 and loved it. However, when PDA's came out and I bought one about five years ago, that is the ONLY thing I use now.

    Some programs I found useful:

    ER RN Suite - has drug calculations, OB wheel (never could find one when I needed it), pedi drugs, poisoning information and all easily retrievable.

    Epocrates (free one at first and then when I went back for my APN, I paid the extra for the Epocrates Pro).

    RSI Meds - dosage calculator for meds, gives order in which to give, ranges of dosages and some of the things to be on the lookout for.

    Sorry, I don't have time to look for the websites for you, but this should give you a little better idea. You mentioned expense, but after the initial outlay of money for the PDA, the sky is the limit. I have a Tungsten E which I've had for two years and never had a problem (I am not particularly techno-savvy either). Good luck...there is also a PDA forum here where you might get some ideas.

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  4. by   carachel2
    TraumaRUS....what is your favorite PDA ? I am in school for my MSN/FNP and I know it will come in really handy. I want to buy one, but I don't want to buy one and then have it be obsolete in 5 months, KWIM ?
  5. by   traumaRUs
    I have the Palm Tungsten E and love it. However, it is 2 years old - might want to wonder over to the PDA forum.
  6. by   Larry77
    Most of us in my ED carry this book:

    Quick reference book

    I use this book and carry around my pda, I'd like to just have my pda but I find that I can get infomation a lot faster in this quick reference book so I just can't seem to part with it.
  7. by   PyxisPrincess
    Tarascon pocket books were recommended to me by several ER docs and I use mine more than I do the CheckMate. (Not a fan of personal electronic media here.)
  8. by   ERnursing4me
    You have time to search a book? Fortunately almost all of our drugs with special or specific info has been put on 5x7 laminated cards or in a notebook at each medstation....lot quicker (I am a book fanatic and have looked to see which one I want but after having done a few weeks in orientation I realize you really dont have time to look up a lot of stuff-or at least I dont) but if you find a great one pass it on.....
  9. by   shill
    I have a Tungsten E2..on it I have downloaded Epocrates,ERSuite,ABG Pro and a drug book.....once you learn the operation of the get split second info on whatever you are looking up.
    erRN06, since you are new to the ER, you will see many-a times, the DR also looking up things in the books.....with repetativeness(not sure if this is spelled right) on our part as nurses, do we continue to gain the assurance of knowledge and the ability to apply ourselves in a more confident way. :wink2:
    As always...if unsure, open the books.
    Good Luck