EMT training for nurses

  1. Our small ER has had a lot of illnesses in their EMT group. As a nurse I'd like to help out, train as a basic to help them get over the hump, and fill in for sick calls. Does anyone know of online training (I'd be doing clinical hours on site I know), or where to look for EMT-B courses? I've googled and gone to my state EMT site, without success.

    Anyone move from nursing to help out as an EMT? How did it go? What should I watch out for?
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  3. by   iresqu
    It depends on what state you are in. If you are in Virginia, you need only to be a RN and take the required topics which amount to approx 48 hours and take a test. You can contact your state EMS board for more information.
  4. by   BVFD 333
    if nebraska is your home state
    1.) rn to emt b shari lentsch at creighton university (cont. ed) can give you more info
    2.) dean cole
    ems program administrator
    e-mail: dean.cole@hhss.ne.gov
    phone: 402-471-0124 or 800-422-3460 ext. 2-3
    he is wonderful and always willing to help
    3.) tami myers at southeast community college (lincoln)

    i would call dean cole,
    great for wanting to help!!!! we always need more help in ems
  5. by   traumaRUs
    Very dependent on your state...in IL, they have a pre-hospital RN.
  6. by   canoehead
    Thanks guys. I'm in Maine.
  7. by   rgroyer1RNBSN
    Yeah just get an MICN cert. mobile intensive care nurse cert.:spin:
  8. by   Alabama_Medic
    Some colleges have transition programs for RN to Paramedic but as far as EMT-B in Alabama you have to take the 1 semester course and sit for thier test. I am also a paramedic and I think it is stupid to have to learn how to take a BP again
  9. by   AstrosFan
    Good for you for wanting to help. At times, the EMT-B course may be boring to you, but you will learn much more than how to take a BP again. Just to name a couple; you'll learn how to properly apply a KED (Kendrick Extrication Device), Bandaging and splinting that you didn't learn in nursing school. It's a great class if you have the right mindset. I sometimes think it should be required before having children. Man-Oh-Man, how many ER visits would be dodged if parents knew how to take care of minor emergencies?

    Go For It. Have fun with it!
  10. by   olmedic
    Ivy Tech State College here in Indiana just announced an Online EMT course. Not sure of their program schedule, but I am sure you could proxy out of a lot of it, and then do your clinical locally.

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