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  1. Hi guys!

    I want to apply for an emergency Room tech position. I want to know a little more on the daily routine of an ER Tech. Other than a few weeks of my CNA, EKG and phlebotomy externships I don't have any experience in healthcare. Can working in the ER be really stressful? I'm worried that I won't be able to focus and work well under pressure, but I really want to work in the ER! Around how many patient do you have at a time? How long does it take for a new employee to get comfortable working on their own? Also, what are some supplies that will be essential to carry around with me when working ER? Stethoscope, bandage scissors, etc.

    I appreciate all the comments!
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  3. by   Kuriin
    You may be trained to do ortho (splints) on patients. You will need to assist in rapid airway management (providing supplies to the nurses and MDs) for intubation, very fast EKGs and setting up patients on the monitors. You will be required to do a lot of transporting. Don't bother bringing a stethoscope. You will need shears, though.
  4. by   _dianachkaa_
    Thank you for your reply! It was really helpful!
  5. by   nurse2033
    Yes, the ER is stressful. That's why we like it. You will be thrown from task to task, it's great. Good luck.
  6. by   Corlionie
    My first day as a PCT/ER Tech, I was asked if I could do splints, which I can & have, but never heard of being ‘splint certified'.
    Can you please lmk of a site/organization that issues these?
    Thank you
  7. by   KeeperMom
    I used to orient new hires in the ED and I would always say, "It takes a year to be comfortable, Three to be confident and five to be proficient."
    Of course, that's for a nurse but techs in some EDs do a lot more than they were allowed to do in the facilities where I have worked.

    Yes, the ED is stressful and crazy and there is a lot of pressure at times. I think most people learn to adapt and evolve into the ED roles if he/she has the desire and dedication to the job.

    As a tech, I'd say you need a good pair of trauma shears. Not the puny little bandage scissors. I'd also carry a hemostat because there always seems to be something I use it for. Maybe keep a few packs of alcohol and a roll of tape in your pocket. Our techs didn't carry stethoscopes because they never had a need for one.