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Do any of you have to assist with D&C's in the ER? We have to at our hospital, and feel strongly that these should go to the OR. Your feedback would be appreciated.... Read More

  1. by   RNin92
    Quote from NativeTexan
    Well, I did a little research on the online edition of our newspaper. I remembered that one week ago today, a BUNCH of doctors got together and went up to the state capitol to address the issue of the malpractice rates dramatically increasing in our state. They increased for all doctors. They were really upset, though, because most of the politicians had taken the afternoon off to go see "Passion of the Christ". Anyway.....the newspaper gives these figures:

    For a family practitioner who does NOT deliver babies: $4,300 for $3 million in coverage.
    For an OB/GYN, the cost is : $22,450 for the same amount of coverage.

    And yes, the majority of those OB's who want to give demerol are men...although we have one woman who seems to be about as sympathetic.
    Maybe these doc's have never been patients...... Maybe I should remind them "what comes around goes around".
    Maybe you could flash those figures around those docs next time and just ask them if they can figure out just WHY the'r cost is soooooo high?! They are all college educated...aren't they?

    What does your ED Medical Director have to say...
    Do you guys have a patient advocate...chief of staff...ethics committee...?
  2. by   TazziRN
    The hospital I used to work at did do them in the ER at one time, as long as the patient was stable. We hated assisting with them because it meant 1:1'ing that patient. We had to get the suction machine from the OR and clean it before taking it back. Then, because the ER got busier and busier each year, the policy was changed to ALL patients needing a D&C were to go to the ER.
  3. by   TinyNurse
    I an answer this one for our ER, i was assigned to the gyn room for the 2nd time tonight and took our patient to LD for her Dand C.
    xo Jen
  4. by   petiteflower
    Demerol only? Ouch!!!

    In our ER it is not done --- they go to OR. I can't imagine any of our docs even WANTING to do them in ER.