Contemplating transfering to ER in "transistion"..

  1. [FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium]Hi all,...looking for some insight,..I have been an RN on a Cardiac stepdown unit for about 7 years,..started this job as a new grad planning on staying a year to acquire good assessment skills, prioritization, organization etc,....then transfering to ER,...I had worked as an ER tech (at a different hospital) for about 5 years prior to becoming an RN, thought that is where I wanted to be, time went on our ER was really having some issuses,..staffing was a biggy,..hired lots of new grads, not enough experienced nurses to adequatly mentor, huge turn over,...etc,..we had many of the same problems on our unit,.as I'm sure is going on everywhere,...WELL,..our ER now has new management and has created 25 new RN positions as well as revamping many other positions,...My sister- in- law works there and the changes sound very exciting,.like they are finally on the right track,.they are looking for experienced RN's rather than new grads,...and they have some really flexible scheduling options,..7a-79, 9a-9p, 10a-10p, 11a-11p etc, and are even offering 10 hour shifts for those who want it,....I've been working nights 7p-7a and would really love to join the real world again and work days,, I move down there now and get in on the begining of all these seemingly great changes or wait and see what happens? A part of me would love to participate in what promises to be some really positive changes for our ER,..but then I do know w/change comes a certain amount of chaos,......what do you all think???
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  3. by   bill4745
    Go for it - you can always do something else if things don't work out. You have 7 years in your current position, so it's not as if you job-hop a lot, it would not leave a bad mark on your record.
  4. by   AfloydRN
    Always have a backup plan. I have learned that presentation does not match reality. I f you have sound clinical skills, can handle tremendous stress, are very adaptable, and are very independant you will transition well. Change can be a good thing.