1. I am preparing to take the CEN exam. I have gotten books from ENA along with test questions. Is there anything else that I need to do in order to better prepare myself? I feel as if I am preparing to take my nursing boards again.
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  3. by   LerRN95
    I just took my CEN in January (and passed) It was the hardest test I ever took. Made my boards looked like a piece of cake. What helped me the most was doing questions. I bought several test books . I took all the test. What I didn't get right, I studied the rationale. That makes a different.

    You can also get books, video and cassettes from Greatnurses.com.
  4. by   Vicky Morris
    I agree that it is a hard exam but I found it very beneficial... I found that TNCC was an excellent thing to have done first, since the trauma piece is identical....pace yourself with the studying, and try and do a chapter a week (or so).......I really dont think it's necessary to shell out money for a review, but they are out there if you want to do that (ENA should be able to tell you where and when). Good luck !Vicky
  5. by   NurseyK
    I found the best prep to be the review books put out by ENA and Laura Gasparo (sp?). Her book was very difficult, but a good review. Make sure you have TNCC and ENPC under your belt - it makes life easier also.

    In the end, I found the best "resource" was my own experience. If you have an adequate amount of time put in on the job, you'll do fine.


  6. by   teeituptom
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    I agree with nursey k. Tncc is a help. But your own experiences is what gets you through it with a lot less stress.
    Keep it in the short grass yalll
  7. by   tomrnff
    I agree that the CEN exam seemed to be harder than boards. What I didn't prepare for were all of the questions regarding discharge teaching, etc. I guess I expected more trauma and cardiac.

    I found that when I was preparing, it was better to stick with one review manual. When I tried others, I felt there was conflicting info which could be confusing.

    Good Luck! It will be a relief when it's over!
  8. by   traumaRUs
    I took CEN two years ago and found experience was the best indicator of passing. Working level one trauma center made it pretty easy.