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Sure I complain about the work load-the lack of respect, the pure ignorance of some people. . .but when push comes to shove; I can honestly say that I cannot imagine a more fulfilling career than... Read More

  1. by   Rapheal
    ER nurses are great. If we can't get an IV stick- I request help from them and they have never failed me (or the patient) yet. I precepted in the ER as a student and loved it. But ---- the trauma patients you guys deal with-- don't think I could do that in this stage of my life.

    It would be so weird - I would be talking to this ER nurse who was just downright goofy and then a trauma patient comes in and he is transormed into cool calm professional super hero. Wow!!!! Knocked my socks off. Much respect to all you ER nurses.
  2. by   neednewoutlook
    was out of nursing for several years and have jumped into the ER to get wet again. Feeling RUSTY! 12 hr graveyard shift w/constant stream of patients both too stupid to live and life threatening is kind of overwhelming. Any suggestions to help with the transition?
  3. by   wandernsoul
    Whoa baby, jumping into to ER to "get wet"? Sounds more like you've been thrown overboard into the Black Sea!
    Just wondering if you've ever done ER before? It is indeed a unique place to work. I've been doing it for 16 years now......I hear what you're saying about the idiots, and all those other stories, all those other frustrations. At this point in my life I'm beginning to see the need to slow down a bit, do something less stressful. But I just don't know what other kind of nursing I'd be happy doing. I've worked most every other area, and the only place that does it for me is the ER.
    Do you have other options than ER? It's not the right fit for everyone.
  5. by   ernurse1234
    I think that it depends on where you are coming from. You say that you feel rusty, but are you coming from a floor to ER or were you completely out of nursing all together? I guess that information is important so that you can deal with issues of your struggles right now. I have years of experience working 12 hour noc shifts, and if you can darken your windows or have a nice dark place to sleep after you get off in the morning, it is very helpful and conducive to serious REM sleep. Hang in there! It will get easier, but remember that Rome wasn't built in a day...