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Soooo...I believe in Karma, but sometimes making fun of people who come to the ER is just too flippin' funny. We had a rare (brief) downtime the other day and the consensus was that NONE of us would... Read More

  1. by   S.T.A.C.E.Y
    I had a really bad eye infection for about three days where I couldn't stand any light, and couldn't open my eyes at all. I laid in bed in complete darkness for three days before I finally gave up and went to the ER.
  2. by   jah4815
    Never been to the er myself, but it would probably take being trampled by an elephant and dragged to the er with an army tank.
  3. by   jayne109
    2 GB attacks, 2 corneal abrasions, a thumb injury and a couple of times I thought I had an appy and one was actually an ovarian torsion (before I actually worked in the ER Thank GOD). also several asthma attacks not relieved by conventional methods. So I will go to my ER but it is only when absolutely necessary and it is because we have no other hospital in network in town and because we take really good care of each other!
  4. by   elizabells
    You guys have NO idea how glad I am that my strep seems to be cleared up enough to go to work tonight. There would be NO way I could get out of it w/o a sick note, and to do that, seeing as it's Xmas Eve, I'd basically have to go to the ER. With a sore throat. I'd have died of embarrassment.

    Although, come to think of it, if that happened I wouldn't have to go to work! So maybe not such a bad plan after all!
  5. by   UtErRnEmt
    i've been to the er that i work at twice. once was after i woke up with my face and eyes all swollen.
    the second time was after i fell off a horse and after i got back on it i couldn't internally rotate my leg (couldn't walk that well either). i refused to call ems as i know they would have called for helicopter transport and i'd be damned if i was gonna be a trauma getting my clothes cut off. my friend drove me to my work where i was treated like the only pt in the dept. turned out i broke my L3-4 transverse process and possible grade 1 liver. my friends at work even managed to have me seen by only the attending or senior resident.

    so no i'm not afraid to go to the er but it'd have to be serious
  6. by   thmpr
    this is an old message... I wonder if you will see this. I guess I will find out.

    I have been a pt in the ED where I used to work. I fell through a second story floorboard and fx'd a few bones (twelve to be exact). Had I been conscious when scooped up by flight staff, I may have asked that they NOT take me to my place of employment. In the end I was grateful to have received such outstanding care; so it was just as well that I could not voice my preposterous request to be taken elsewhere.

    Still I would do just about anything, less the inconceivable (i.e. murder or the like), to avoid being in the ED as a pt. And with that said, I am getting "No Code" tattooed and notarized on my chest.
  7. by   tinaree123
    Don't we all have an irrational fear of having an MVC on the way to or from a shift and ending up on a bakbaord in our our own trauma room with our clothes cut off and varous tubes including foley's, etc. That would be my nightmare.
  8. by   tinaree123
    Yeah, or "DO NOT PUSH HERE" lol
  9. by   travelinjones
    I'm a nurse who was raised by a nurse, who was raised by a nurse, and most of my aunts and cousins are nurses. ER, OR, L&D, ICU, Peds, ortho... you name it, we've got it covered. In our family, if a kid was bleeding, the rule of thumb is we have to 'hear it bleeding' before shipping off to the ER. We also always had emergency medical supplies at home when I was growing up. IVF, sutures, etc... all the goods that would keep us out of the ER...all of us were delivered at home, and several cousins have done the same with their own.
    I broke my foot in a foreign (developing) country on a surf trip. Got xrays and casted in the ER. It was cheap, and efficient. Go figure...
  10. by   stelon
    I have never gone to the ER for myself. Anytime I've had any bad pains now and growing up I've been taken to urgent care. The worst time was when I was about nine and experiencing the worst pain I'd ever felt in my life in my abdomen. It was bad enough I was at home screaming my head off and my parents still took me to urgent care.

    Looking back now I have no idea if the pain was as bad as I remember it being--they ran a few tests and concluded that my parents could look for my first period to be coming soon.

    Now it would take a LOT for me to go the ER personally. I did end up there for my dad last winter. He was having chest pain and a bp of something like 192/104. I was at home with him and he told me "I'll be right back!" And took off to the ER without letting me know. I wanted to kill him! I only found out because they wouldn't let him drive himself home.