Anyone noticed this??

  1. I've worked for about 5 yrs in the ED and have seen some unusual things, but lately, it seems patients are now becoming increasingly demanding. Today I had the brother and sister of a peds patient ask me WHEN I was bringing them chips and a drink, another patient came up to me in the waiting room and insisted that she needed a soda (she was in for nausea and abd pain of course), I had two patients request GLOVES (latex), and one demand the no slip slippers, and one "steal" an ace bandage (we don't charge for them as it is). Of course, several had decided prior to arrival what meds they needed. I'm pretty used to the requests for food, but lately it is getting extreme. Anyone else noticing this?? (or perhaps I am just noticing it more and mroe lately?)
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  3. by   kaycee
    I've been working ER for >20ys and I've always thought certain pts were demanding. They are usually the ones that are the least sick and who's health care is paid for by our tax dollars.
  4. by   suzannasue
    Oh yeah...the "demanding" is not limited to the it when pts and family ***** about not being able to get their favorite channel on the TV..."do i look like the cable guy??????? And I truly love it when the docs come to me with the TV complaints...
    All of this is just symptomatic of our having run out of decent genetics....the gene pool is suffering frim the effects of global warming...drying the Hell up...rampant ignorance....
  5. by   l.rae
    yes! and amen kaycee! i often fantasize about posting signs in the er. last night's sign would have been, ice chips are not a priority!" where is the 'i want to strangle you' smiley? lr
  6. by   shootemrn
    I have been working ER for aprox 7 years and I too am amazed by the request I get. as for a former poster the people that are most demanding are the ones who are the least sick. It seems that most everyone who is a frequent flier are the ones that ask for a sandwich. Just the other night I had a young 32 year old man who was using cocaine and was having a anterior wall MI. While I was rushing trying to get thrombolytics up and IV NTG so this kid could live to see another day. The drunk in the next bed was screaming that he wanted something to eat. Granted; he probally spent his money on ETOH and 20 bag a day herion habit. There seems to be a correlation between high acuity patients in the department and the prevelance of sandwich demanding non acute patients. Wonder if AJN will do a study on this?
    PS. A wise ass comment if a patient asks for a and say..."I'll send your waitress right over!"
  7. by   RN-PA
    PS. A wise ass comment if a patient asks for a and say..."I'll send your waitress right over!"
    Shootemrn, your post reminded me that there was a WONDERFUL and funny thread a little while back entitled, "welcome to the hilton...please dont forget to tip your waitress" started by thisnurse that has many stories about demanding patients. It can be found at:

    I recently had a young female patient who's a frequent flyer in with "rule out GI bleed" (it was ruled out) and she had an extensive psych history. She was pleasant enough and appreciative but was on the callbell constantly with requests ranging from needing vaseline for her lips to wanting a soda to needing a blanket, magazines... I guess she was lonely, but some nights I feel like a combination waitress/stewardess/hotel concierge!
  8. by   l.rae
    if only we got tips!!!!!
  9. by   Brownms46
    I think people are just more rude period. Just look around. My daughter works for JC Penneys, and I'm amazed at some of the things she tells me about customers, and their rudeness! Yesterday a customer for no reason, except maybe she was having a bad day, and wanted everyone else she encountered to suffer also...ended up making a sales associate cry...and then got her boss to make her give this rude customer an apology!!! IMHO...the ones who we pay for their care...are in NO WAY the worst of the bunch!! It's the ones who tell you thier family member is a lawyer, and that they're so and so , or they know so and so! These are the ones, I dread taking care of...not because I'm intimidated....but because they feel they should have special treatment....and they should come before anyone else. And they're the ones who feel they shouldn't have to move a finger...and everyone should wait on them.

    When I go into a store or any business...I try to treat the person on the other end of the counter like I would want to be treated. I can't say the same for quite a few folks out there.
  10. by   Y2KRN
    I like the idea of getting tips for our services!!!

  11. by   Fgr8Out
    I'm reminded of the quote I've seen somewhere on this site that states quite simply..."Nurses, here to SAVE your A$$, not kiss it."
  12. by   shootemrn
    Well to be honest folks I did kiss one ass the other day. Not a demanding patient. He was just some old guy who pretty much donated the ED. I found this out when I was talking to this very nice man and he said to me "how do you like this building?" I responded its kinda old and needs an update. He said "gheesh keep it under your hat your ceo will be asking me for another 5 million." I got a good chuckle when I realized who he was and what he has done.
  13. by   mopsi
    This is a topic thats been coming up with my co workers here in Ohio...LTC..The patients who are A/O are very demanding..Treat nurses like servants they never had..The families are also becoming increasingly rude and nasty..Management continues to support this .....Will be quick to find fault with the nurses and give NO support to staff,,,The assisited living / Ritz Carltons are giving the run of the mill facilities a run for their money so its Customer Service to the max..Nursing has taken a back seat to IMAGE..I am ready to start wearing my hat again just to remind folks I'm a nurse..not a waitress, not a mighty maid, or chamber maid....Well that sure dates me..LOL..So people...What do we do to start marketing ourselves as professional skilled assets???Both to management and the public!
  14. by   MPHkatie
    I don't mind requests, or even frequent requests, but the demands or the desire to completely dictate treatment... I think Brownms46 is right, it's not just in the ED, people are getting ruder all over ther place. I wonder why??