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This is how they present in triage. You note that they appear anxious, possibly in a bit of pain, sometimes they are very matter of fact. We've all seen em. Retained foreign object in various... Read More

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    Now, correct me if I'm wrong...but how do these objects actually get into the shower/tub? A hotdog? A lamp? ***** And even if you are NOT in the tub, then we have a whole lot of people running around their homes with very slippery floors. Do I even want to go there? I think not.

    The whole animal thing is just wrong! LOL! Where are those animal rights people when you need them? Hippa schmippa...I think their names should go in the local paper, at least warn people to keep their dogs on a leash. j/k
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    I have seen many fb's in many places, but the one that got to me the most was the roach in a guy's ear. I don't know why it bothered my so much. Wasn't my ear. But just the thought of it wiggling around in there still makes me cringe.
    I had an ant in mine when I was about 8-10. It climbed in w/o me even noticing...until after the extreme pain came! Mom took me to the ER where they flushed it out.
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    There was so much swelling there that they actually had to use lidocaine and make a small incision on the dog to get the blood to drain. Is there anyone in this world who could have done that with a straight face? I totally believe that there are some situations that it is ok to laugh, vomit, gag whatever.
    When dogs mate, the male's penis swells and they remain in an embrace called 'the Tie.' In larger dogs, this time has to be carefully supervised, because the male might endure an injury if they start hopping around or the ***** wants to get away and starts a fight. It seems to me that dogs do OK on their own, but this is what my dog-owner's manual said.

    We had an incident about 15 years ago when a well-known professor had an amorous adventure with her Great Dane. During the 'tie' phase, the dog got violent and started biting her, so they were brought to the ER in tandem. Unfortunately, the animal had to be destroyed. IMHO, they should have destroyed the professor. Poor doggie.

    It was supposed to be very hush-hush (long before HEPPA) but the news got out anyway and spread like wildfire. When she'd try to give a lecture, naughty students would hide in the bushes outside her lecture hall windowand bay.

    Ah, the pleasures of living in a college town!

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    that if they'd left them alone, the problem would have resolved itself in an hour.

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    About ten years ago when I was still a paramedic had a call go out that a motorist was unable to get out of her car and needed help, so we went. There was a female in the front seat of the car between the drivers and passengers seat burning up because her car had ran out of gas and it was in the middle of the summer. We asked her why she had not just gotten out of the car then she gave us a look of horror and lifted her skirt to reveal her stick shift was well inside of her. I gave her some defib jelly and said lets us this to lub up with then she stated it was not a rounded shift but a rectangular of with a gear release button on the side and she had skin way up high caught in it. We had to cut the shifter and she was taken to the ER. Also had a pt with a summer sausage in rectum, can't look at one ever again.
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    2:00am, saturday night. A 28 yr old male presents with c/o "Vibrator up rectum" apparantly he didnt know about the anal sphincter. His girlfriend had tried to remove the vibrator with salad tongs PTA ER, without success (the triage not was worded just like this)

    he went to the OR, and according to the surgeon, the vibrator was still vibrating when he remove it!!! He must have used everready batteries!

    The moral of this story: when putting foreign objects up ones bum, one must be familiar with ones anatomy first. :chuckle :chuckle :
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    Also had a pt with a summer sausage in rectum, can't look at one ever again.
    This is exactly why I no longer eat corn dogs.......... :uhoh21:
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    I'll now get a good night's sleep! Thanks ang75 for clearing things up! :chuckle Your explanation actually makes sense. I was thinking something along that line, but I wasn't feeling confident enough to guess.

    Now ang,one more question for you...how did they get her "unstuck"? Feel free to be creative with your answer!!!!!!!
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    Was it TLC or News that I saw an x-ray of a psych pt who swallowed coins. Ended up with something like 20 pounds in his stomach. I didn't even think of the weight of that- I just thought- "UGH, imagine how many germs are on those coins!!"
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    Oh so many stories... One of my favorites is when the fellow came in with the "toy" still vibrating upon palpation. Strangely, upon retrieval of the very large "TOY" the surgeon found additional treasures recovering a small lotion bottle and a spoon. This guys rectum was a regular toy box.

    The fellow who lost hold of his mag light, you know the one that takes 4D batteries. Anyway, this fellow had the forsight to remove the batteries because he thought the battery acid might cause problems if they leaked. Nevermind, the problems of losing a foot long flashlight in your arse.

    This one is second-hand but from a reliable source, a woman is repeatedly seen in the ED for a recurrent colostomy infections. Someone finally gets the bright idea to culture the infection and you ask "What did they find?" Yes indeed, a mixed salad of STDs. Apparently, word got out in her neighborhood that her stoma gave good lovin.
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    Yes indeed, a mixed salad of STDs. Apparently, word got out in her neighborhood that her stoma gave good lovin.
    Oh, GROSS :uhoh21:
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    Apparently, word got out in her neighborhood that her stoma gave good lovin.
    OMG! I thought I had heard everything!