Please help me understand this answer:

All of the following are considered emancipated minors except:

A) 15-year-old male who is married

B) 14-year-old female who is a single parent

C) 17-year-old male who is enlisted in the U.S. Army

D) 13-year-old being treated for a sexually transmitted disease

Answer: 13-year-old being treated for a sexually transmitted disease There are three primary ways for a minor to become emancipated: marriage, court order, and military service.

CLARIFICATION NEEDED: Isn't B also the right answer? She has a child but she is not married. Therefore, she should not be considered emancipated.

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Underage minors who are pregnant/parents are considered medically emancipated and can make decisions regarding pregnancy care and care of the child.

From the Erie County Bar Association:

Parenting: Minors who are parents have the same rights as adults when it comes to the custody and care of their child. These rights are acquired by the minor even if they still live with their parents or are still supported by their parents. Pregnant minors and minor mothers have the right to consent to their own health care.


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Thank you for responding. I am conflicted because I'm preparing for the certification exam with the Leik book (Family Nurse Practitioner Certification Intensive Review: Fast Facts and Practice Questions, Second Edition: 9780826134240: Medicine & Health Science Books @ Amazon.com). Here is what it states:

"Minors who are parents are not considered emancipated unless they are legally married. Minors who are single parents may give consent for the care of their children, but not for their own medical care."


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I would agree with you - in our state, unmarried teen moms can make decision for themselves for pregnancy care only and concerns regarding their infant. If they show up with an appy in the ER, their parents make the decision.