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Elmhurst NME Fall 2015

by Hawkeye15 Hawkeye15 (New) New

Hey there prospective Elmhurst students!

I just recently submitted my application for the 2015 fall cohort. I am anxiously awaiting to hear back from admissions! Has anyone else heard back?


I received my acceptance letter the first week of February. Have you heard anything yet?

hey guys! i got in too!

I recently interviewed with them and they said I should hear back soon.What are your thoughts on this program? I really enjoyed the interview, so I'd love to hear more feedback. Its been hard to find much information because the program is so new :)

I received my acceptance letter today! My interview was different than what others reported. They asked to do it over skype and I didn't have to do a writing sample. My letter was also post marked the day after the interview, so they also made a decision very quickly. I'm excited because I really liked the people I spoke with during the interview. Soni7, I'll add you so we can chat a little more!

congrats MME20! that's great news :) mine was also post marked the day after the interview. I wonder why yours was over skype! are you from the area? either way, congrats again. I didn't get a friend request so let me know if you couldn't find me or ill try adding you :)

Hi everyone! I just paid my deposit last week and I'm excited to start! Is anyone else moving from out of state? Can't wait to meet you all! :)

Hi Ann! I believe that Soni7 is planning on attending Rush! :) Where will you be moving from? I moved to the Chicago area this past August from Seattle for my husband to start a podiatry program

Ah! Rush has a great program! :) I am originally from the Chicagoland area, but I've been going to school in Florida for the past two years. My family has all relocated from Chicago to Texas, so I'll be looking for a place to live. Are you and your husband living in the city?

That will be a big move! I don't envy you ;). We are actually living about 35 miles north of Chicago, but are looking for a place this summer that will be more of a midway point for both of us. Are you planning on living in Elmhurst?

I'm not sure yet! Still trying to figure out the best area. Have you received any more information since your acceptance letter? :)

Other than an email about my financial aid status I haven't received anything. How about you? I'm dying to know more because I really haven't been able to find much online. I did get a chance to visit the campus and I really like it. It's a LOT smaller than where I did my undergrad, but it's beautiful.

I haven't received anything else either! I was afraid that I was missing something. I'm really hoping for some more information soon! Did you do your undergrad in Seattle?

Ya me too! I'm just curious what the next steps are. When do you plan on moving to Illinois? And I actually did my undergrad on the eastern side of the state, but I'm originally from the Seattle area.

Hi Ann!

I have been accepted to the program as well and I already gave the deposit for my seat at least a month ago. I am moving from South Florida so the transition is going to be pretty difficult. I have been trying to find other people who have also been accepted. I am not on fb often but my email is:belleza52687 at aol dot com. Hopefully we can communicate prior to orientation.

Hello all!

I will be starting in the fall also, and would love to connect with others! Has anyone heard anything past an acceptance letter? I have called a few times and been told info should come out mid May, and there will be a two day orientation in August. No other info.

My email is deborahm999 at gmail dot com

I spoke with Mr. Kartsimas (associate director for admissions management) and he stated that we will receive a packet with instructions in the mail around the first week of June, after the nursing finals.