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elective in Perth Australia!?

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I am a Paediatric Nursing student from Scotland looking to do my 2009 elective in perth Australia. Does anyone have an e-mail address of a contact, as I am not getting anywhere fast...and very few responses! My ideal location would be Princess Margaret Hospital, but emails to their general address ignored! Any advise would be welcome?!


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If you're serious, you should call them.


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Does your prac have to be specifically Paediatric based or are you looking for general ward experience? If you only need General ward experience try SJOG - Murdoch or Subiaco for a place. I know Murdoch has a Scotish Student doing prac there, but it has limited peadiatrics. Contact either of these hospitals via www.sjog.org.au and ask for the undergraduate coordinator. Hope this helps.

If you look on the Ramsayhealth website you will find Joondalup Hospital in Perth. They often take overseas students. Or you can ring them on 08 9400 9400 and ask for the Education Dept. The paeds dept is small and friendly and they have a level 2 Nicu. The hospital is a small general hospital so the paeds should have a good mixture of medical and surgical. The staff there are really great too. :jester: Enjoy your prac! When I did mine many years ago I wanted to take home all the babies. Decided I'd better stick to adult nursing! :nurse:

Hi im a second year nursing student at the University of birmingham UK! im also a pediatric nurse who wants to go to Australia for my placement! was wondering if you have had any luck so far! i cnt seem to find a hospital that will accomadate me. would be grateful to hear from you if you have managed to have any more luck then myself.

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