Elder Daycare: Who Has Experience?


I keep seeing an opening for a nurse in an elder daycare setting.

I have always loved geriatrics and this intrigues me.

However, I do not know anyone who has ever worked in that type of environment.

Does anyone have any experience in this and can give me a general idea of what this is like?

Do you/did you like it?

What are the hours like?

I'm sure the pay is less than I make in the psych hospital, but I would still consider it.

Any insight would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance,


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I have a friend who is an aide at one. 9-5 hours, m-f. It was a municipal program (here that means big wages). She loved it, said is really was like daycare for elderly, played games, when for walks and outings, did different actives. Helped set people up for meals, took them to the bathroom and changed those who needed it. Not sure what the nurse role would be?


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One elder daycare agency in my area has a registered nurse come in for four hours per day. The RN keeps a record of the clients' health status, performs head-to-toe assessments, administers medications, takes vital signs/ FSBS, etc.

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I'm guessing that it would be similar to a school nursing position -- available for emergencies, if they occur, and also for routine medication administration (including blood glucose checks and insulin).

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Thanks for the replies!

I was afraid my query would be lost amongst the many many threads here on AN, but happy it was not.

I think I'll send off my résumé and see what it has to offer.

I do like my job on Geri-Psych: the pay is good, my coworkers are awesome and it's never boring, but the daycare job grabbed my attention.

Thanks again and any other comments are more than welcome.