Elastic or Drawstring....How do you keep your pants up?

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I have a big belly. My pants roll down under my belly and fall off my waist. I have to wear a belt to keep my pants up. Today I wore a pair of elastic waist pants. I spent half of my day pulling them back up over my butt.:uhoh21: I know it is the style, but I personally do not enjoy sagging. I'm hoping that drawstring pants will work better. How do you keep your pants up?

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lol.... I love the drawstring unisex pants. I think I have Cherokee brand. I am also bigger with a butt and legs.... They stay on pretty good. I can tie them tight enough so they don't fall down. :lol2:


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I like elastic in the back and drawstring in the front. :)


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I like the drawstrings personally. You can tighten them as tight as you need to. I have a "birth pouch" from my 2 c-sections and hysterectomy and I had the same problem too. Darn things kept rolling under me tummy...I hated that!!!:uhoh21: Drawstrings keeps the "pouch" in check ;)


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There's a brand JC Penney catalog carries I think its white swan.(I get mine from the outlet store $6. I will have to look. I don't like the low ride Pants either. I wear high waisted pants, they are kind of thick, and the waste band is maybe 3 inches long, they comer up over my ribs, under my breasts. You can't tell at all. My daughter laughs at them, "mom pull your pants down" when she sees me getting dressed. But you can't pull them down and they don't slip down. I love them. Even when my weight fluctuates they stay snug but comfortable!! And you can bend over.


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I wear elastic bcause my stomach looks even bigger in drawstring!! lol


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I wear the flare leg cherokee pants that are drawstring in the front and elastic in the back and I'm constantly flashing pts, family members and coworkers. Whenever I bend down to empty a foley or pick something up, if a family member is behind me I warn them that they may be flashed! I'm sick of "showing my tail" so to speak. I too need help!

I'm a tall female so I need tall length pants...Sad as it may seem, I'd much rather flash than walk around with non-intentional "capris" on.


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Drawstring is much more comfortable. I had drawstring pants for clinicals. :)


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I wear classic waist Cherokee straight leg. I have never seen a butt crack that I wish to see again! and do not want to show mine. I also do not want to keep touching my clothes and transfering "whatever" onto myself all day long.

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I did the high-waisted drawstrings for clinicals - plus I got them a size bigger than I needed.

With the high waist, like the poster above, I pull them alllll the way up, and then tie them at the base of my ribs with a double bow. They don't move that way! It sounds hilarious, but they really do make them that way and they really do stay put. Tying the drawstring takes a little bit of finesse, but once you get a method, you know how to get them on so they don't start drooping after you've bent and squatted and stretched and sweated all day long.

As for the size larger than necessary thing. I would really hate to be running around and squatting and then hear a "rrrrriiiiippppp"! You put a lot of stress on your legs while you work. Bending, squatting, pivoting, stretching, all this and more, all while sweaty. And it really stresses the seams of your pants. Especially if you have a little bit of extra cushioning back there like I do. I have scrubs at home that I wear, and they fit right (are a size smaller) but after a few months of use, they're starting to give at the crotch/butt seams. So... bigger scrubs go to clinicals. That's my little bit of advice! :)


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i buy my pants from walmart. they are elastic in the back and drawstring in the front....they're awesome!

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