El Centro's Admission Process For Nursing Program for 2010


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I was wondering, did El Centro change their admission methodology in 2010 for admittance into the nursing program? When I look at previous postings regarding El Centro, admission appears to be driven by GPA, however when I look at El Centro's website, admission appears to be calculated using a points system, and GPA is only a portion of the consideration process. Per El Centro's website, points for support courses, the Hesi and previous medical experience is also calculated!! I'm really confused aboout this process, is it GPA based or points based? Whether points based or GPA what was the minimum score needed for acceptance last semester? I'd appreciate any and all feedback.


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Yes, they changed it starting with the Fall 2010 class. Before it was primarily GPA with HESI & co-req's as tiebreakers. Now they have more weight along with the previous medical experience.

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That changed a while back. The Very best thing to do is go to El Centro's Paramount building and pick up the newest ADN packet. Go to the info session if you can. When I got in the lowest gpa was a 3.1 or something. The previous semester didn't have enough ppl apply who finished their packets completely so they had late admits and the lowest gpa was 2.9 I think. Then the semester following me, was when everyone got laid off and decided to go back to school and the lowest was like a 3.6. It just depends on who is applying at the same time you are. ;) Good Luck!!


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I'm going to the info session on 4.22 to find out more details.

I'm glad they changed their admission process.

I'm curious what's the competitive points amount? I should have 17 out of 20 when I apply for spring.


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I heard on another discussion board that 16 points was likely to get in...but who knows until they actually admit the first class based on the new system! I applied for fall 2010 and I had 18 points..I'll let you know after the 15th! Good Luck!


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I decided to take speech this summer so I should I have 17 for spring. I'm excited. I'm applying to Brookhaven, North Lake or El Centro. Surely one of them will come thru for me!