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I may sound silly but, what will we be doing for clinical class for the first 7 weeks since we do not start clinicals for the first 7 weeks? Will we still be meeting for a class for clinical the first 7 weeks, or just lecture? Maybe I missed some information somewhere-thanks for help in advance:heartbeat:nurse::heartbeat


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You will go to skills lab for the first few weeks. I think I recall it being about 4 hours long. You will have three check-offs like in HPRS 1204.

So you'll have skills lab one day and lecture on day a week. Once clinical starts, you'll stop going to the skills lab...Sounds like it isn't much but use your study time wisely!


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I heard that itll be a lot more than 1 day. I think they said that since clinicals are 12 hours they still need to make up those 12 hours throughout the week in those first 7 weeks. I'm pretty sure thats what they said because we were told we could be there 5 days a week for the first 7 weeks.


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Now I remember...we had two days of skills lab for the first few weeks. So we were there for 3 days a week. Not sure if they are changing it but 5 seems a little much.


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Hi All,

This is sort of on topic, with all these hours that are not reflected in the number of credits ...

I'm only taking 8 credits first semester because I already have all the support courses. Is that enough to get a Dart pass for El Centro? Do I have to look for that form that I can get signed that says that 8 credits in Nursing is a full time load?




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If you didn't get it in your packet already, they will give you a form at the 3 day orientation, it you need it for financial aid. Even without the support classes, the nursing program is considered full time. If you're just asking in regards to the dart pass, 8 hours is enough, you just show them a printed copy of your receipt of payment.


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I am applying this month for the spring semester at El Centro/Northlake, can you guys tell me if you all had 4.0s? Basically can I get in without one?


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I had a 3.8 for pre-requ's and 4.0 on support courses. The lowest gpa for pre-r. was I think a 3.6, but not sure. It depends on the gpa's of everyone applying. I know that there were times when they had 4.0 to fill the seats, but I will bet that doesnt happen often. Have you completed any support courses-try and have them all done so that you only have the rn courses to complete. Good Luck to you!:heartbeat:nurse::heartbeat

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