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Hi Guys!

I'm an RN with an associate's degree in nursing, but I have a bachelor's degree in Business Management/Healthcare Administration. I have approx 11 years of nursing experience in many different areas, primarily dialysis, and would now like to go back to school for a master's degree.

My question is.....does anyone know of any legitimate, quality NP programs that will give me credit for my bachelor's degree even though it's not a BSN? Or, will I have to go to NP school for the same amount of time as someone without a bachelor's degree? Should I take a year and get a BSN before attempting to apply to NP school? Just trying to figure out the most financially efficient route and not waste too much time in the process. Thanks in advance for your input!

The University of Central Florida has NP tracks for nurses with non-nursing bachelors degrees. You have to take 3 pre-requisite classes and that's it, then you begin the program. Not a bad compromise.

I'm sure there are others out there like UCF. Good luck!

Most from my understanding will require a BSN or have a bridge to fill the gap.

That's actually not bad at all! Thanks for the info! I'll definitely check that out.

It depends on your potential for reimbursement. My employer reimburses quite a bit more $ for the BSN than any other degree (I would receive total reimbursement). It would save me a lot of $ to get them to pay for the BSN first, then move on to the MSN. I would receive several transfer credits from both my non-nursing Bachelor's and my ADN degree.

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University of South Alabama has an RN-to-MSN with non-nursing bachelor's degree program: RN-MSN

You take courses online and only have to go to campus once for skills training (twice if you're in the dual ACNP/FNP program). They offer all tracks of NP: FNP, ACNP, dual ACNP/FNP, AGNP, PMHNP, PNP, NNP, etc. It's an actual brick & mortar school (not a for-profit school) and the tuition is reasonable.

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