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Ok, I have what might be a pretty dumb question....

I am currently an Excelsior student, hopefully finishing sometime in the next 6 months. Shortly after I plan on enrolling in a RN to BSN program through my state university. Lets just say that after graduating I move to CA. Will I not be able to get hired as a RN due to my RN education from Excelsior or will be BSN from MU take over? Since the RN to BSN program does not have a clinical component Im not sure if anything would change as far as my RN from excelsior.

BTW, Im not planning on moving just curious how it all will play out in the end. :)

Thanks guys!!

Your original licensure will have come via your Excelsior education and California will not license you.

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The school that is the source of your RN is what will be examined ... so no, getting a BSN from somewhere else will not change the source of your RN or make you acceptable in CA. Silly, but there it is.


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Kind of what I thought, truthfully. But hey it was something I had been wondering all along...


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If there were a way to bypass the stupid CA rule, certainly resourceful EC students would be using it to reach their goal.


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California will liscense you with one year RN clinical experience from another state so, if you are working as an RN while you are in school it would not be a problem. I spoke to the CA. BON directly.

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