Economic State of CT and Nursing programs...


I originally planned as a back up to apply to the State LON programs, but they shut down. I am thinking of applying to West Conn for 2018, but I heard they are being hit hard by these cuts. Not sure if it holds true I heard last year they took less students into the nursing program. Also thinking of reapplying to the Community Colleges again. However, rumors are flying about what will happen with NWCC.

Trying to decide if I should apply to UCONN CEIN program next year. The ACE program and the CC Programs this year.

Anyone hear any news. It's early I guess.


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If you were waitlisted at a number very close to the end of all applicants for the CTCCNP like I believe I read you were on a prior post, you have an extremely limited chance of getting into an accelerated program which is far more competitive than that of a community college program. I've advised you before on a previous thread, don't waste your time with prerequisites for other programs...simply retake AP 1 and 2 and do your absolute best to get As in them and you will be competitive. On a side note - starting a thread every other week on this website isn't going to get you where you want to be. There is only so much you can ask on a forum and the only thing that can truly help you get into the occupation you wish to be in is hard work and perseverance.


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Hello WCSU1987,

Thank you for answering to my post. What I would like to say to you is that I think that you are overstressing your self out with trying to apply and get accepted into a nursing program. I also understand that you have been waitlisted. But you are going to make yourself crazy if you keep going around in circles with getting accepted into a nursing program, please don't do it because when you do get accepted you would have burnt yourself out and you may perhaps not be able to make it through a program. I would say just try to focus on just one or two schools I can tell you really want this , but you over worrying about it won't make the schools make their mind up any faster just take some time and breathe before you know it you will be in a nursing program before you know it. Good Luck and God Bless