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for those that have taken the NCLEX

if you get asked an ECG strip question is it like what type of rhythm is this or is more or less an interpret this strip and know the drug question saying what drug should you administer to this patient type of thing

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Not a bad idea to be familiar with the basic rhythms... NSR, brady/tachy afib and vtach/vfib...answer #1 is always check ur patient first before doing any intervention, aka see if ur patient is symptomatic or not. Example: patient brushing their teeth can look like vtach on the monitor. I havent heard of anyone getting what drugs to give for code drugs bc thats more ACLS.

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It could be anything. It might just simply ask you what the rhythm is, it might ask you how you would treat it, it might ask you what conditions would be associated with that rhythm, it might ask you what other clinical assessments you would expect in a patient presenting with that rhythm.

There is no way to say for sure what type of questions you'll get, and due to the NCLEX confidentiality laws, those of us who have take NCLEX cannot share specific test questions. The best thing to do is be familiar the the most common ECG rhythms, their associated symptoms, conditions, and the basic treatment.

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